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  1. SoCal's 60g Cube (Dismantled)

    Hey dude, thanks for lookin out for me! lol that looks like a great place to watch a tank grow up! Also, nice pictures for the first time using it! Photography is just as steep a learning curve as reefing isnt it? Everything looks happy and heathy!
  2. My dream tank, only smaller!

    SO the dead shrimp ended up being a dinner and a movie! <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/wpZzQPTj8Fs" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  3. 47 Column Mixed Reef

    yup, use tech m or youll get no where fast except elevated mg. I tried using brs to get mg up since it was cheaper but it did nothing. THen I switched to kent and rose the level up to 1800 or there about and the byropsis melted away along with lights out for a week and no lights in the main tank at all. This was during cycle so there was nothing to harm except the macros in my fuge. I lit the fuge after the weeks lights out and I havent seen any since. One problem is that my mg has only fallen to 1500 after months of no dosing and using regular IO salt. So itll take some time to get back to a normal level. Cant say that hurts anything but its not stable so thats no good. Good luck man, theres nothing wrong with watching coral grow and the occasional shrimp and crab scurry about. I also reccomend pom poms. They are cool but not the most active. Harlequins are cool as well. Hell even the old emerald is a fun guy around lights out and will help you with any vegetation control.
  4. 47 Column Mixed Reef

    Blah blah blah but still no pictures. I am officially abandoning this thread. K im back. Miss me? So sorry to hear about the losses and the byropsis. I know what a pain both of those are. Just make sure your using kent tech m as Im sure you know but its the only one that worked for my plauges in the past. Keep your chin up, itll all work out. If not you could set a record of the most tanks in one tank thread!
  5. My dream tank, only smaller!

    The pom pom is still kickin and actin normal, just a swishing his catchers mitts like nothing happened. Not so much for every other shrimp or crab. boo. Good thing is that I havent seen any RB's. Fingers crossed I wont see anymore for the life of my tank! I am going to heed jbanks advice and not treat again unless I see some survivors. With the treatment taking out much higher organisms I just cant see it not destroying lower crustaceans. Im just glad I was able to isolate my fuge. I will leave it unconnected for a few more days just to be sure I get as much of the interceptor out as possible. It seems happy as ever with being taken off the main system. I think the vodka was hittin it pretty hard. Ill refresh the carbon tomorrow and do another large waterchange when i am done making more. SPeakin of vodka, I stopped dosing it today because ive got a peech fuzz outbreak. So I will give the tank some time to settle then resume maintenence dose.
  6. My dream tank, only smaller!

    Ask my cleaner shrimp how he likes interceptor! What a brutal way to go, gotta love the food web in a reef tank huh?
  7. My dream tank, only smaller!

    toy update: First up is a probe+dosing line holder Next is a small frag rack for when times are better. And next my new top off TANK, literally. Made from 1/2" acrylic, no idea why but I like it! last bu not least, ordered an iphone 4s
  8. My dream tank, only smaller!

    Yup, that was my thought process. So far im getting some coral sliming and polyp retracting. Not much else to report. Wasnt expecting these things to happen...
  9. My dream tank, only smaller!

    well guys, the interceptor is in the tank, along with every single shrimp and crab plus my clam...I said a prayer and poured it in. Wish them luck. I did isolate the fuge but was unable to catch any of the critters in the main tank. The clam was well stuck to say the least. I started trying to pry him and he was spitting clouds and looking as though I was killing it so hes gotta go through the treatment. dang it, this sucks! THanks bud, im a long ways off of having colonies but they are growing quickly. Now if this interceptor does the trick, theyll color up and show the PE im looking for!
  10. My dream tank, only smaller!

    Yeah, theres a visible difference in the outcome of both pics and vids when using a good tripod. I had a walmart special there for a week or so but when extended up to tank height it was bouncy enough to not be able to use really slow shutter speeds. That and the fact that it was all plastic made me return it and look into a quality one. If you are going to shoot video, especially with a dslr that doesnt have antishake setting, youll want a fluid head which uses oil to dampen your movements just like a shock on a car. This makes for less jerkiness which makes some people crazy even vomit in some cases! lol for realz Of course used, on ebay, is the way to go since these quality tripods last nearly forever unless you hike with them or abuse them above normal levels. HTH
  11. My dream tank, only smaller!

    Having a good tripod is awesome! Finally able to open the iris up properly. Think this one came out nice!
  12. SoCal's 60g Cube (Dismantled)

    I feed the $hit out of my coral beauty and he still picks all day long. No polyps so far but he does pick at the corals. Good luck! Tank is looking great. How do you handle pest control? Id hate to see you end up like me with a thriving tank then all of a sudden you gotta deal with something...