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  1. Not going to make it...both of my tanks sprung leaks in the last two months, and I liquidated all of my equipment. Been very busy with work and life and wasn't taking very good care of anything.
  2. My two gallon sprung a leak and am in emergency mode. Taking the whole thing down right now, only a RFA (lime green with orange/red fringe) and large turbo left. Have a Tunze Nano ATO, pumps, Fluval 2G In Tank media baskets, NB Mini (I think) that I paid $150 for...includes Bluefish controller. Includes some food, test kits, floss, etc. If you can pick up local I have carboys with RODI and salt water. Would like to sell EVERYTHING for $150. Can ship everything but the livestock.
  3. SOLD to local...thanks for the inquiries!
  4. 20G IM 20, slow leak, may be fixable. I travel a lot and do not have time to play with it Includes Nanobox Duo dual channel light with Bluefish controller ($435 new) MP10 Quiet Drive MJ 1200 upgraded return 2x spinstreams InTank media inserts Tunze Osmolator ATO Cobalt Neotherm Heater ~15 lbs live rock, some cleanup crew. Also included is custom Red oak stand with Walnut butcher block top. Asking $400 total...open to offers but please no low balls please.
  5. Got cleared for real activity...started back at TKD last week, feel like a 800 year old arthritic monkey.
  6. Ugh....tank was not maintained after my back surgery. Everything died but GSP, Chomi, and RFA. Scrubbed tank and chambers, did 100% WC, and added new CUC.
  7. Hey Kat! Thanks for the note. Healing still and under activity restrictions. Nerve pain still problematic, but slowly improving. My tanks sadly neglected. Can't really bend and stoop or carry car boys of water...
  8. Glad the job is working out Tibbs...hope it is all that you wanted it to be. Have fun with the tank...struggling right now as I am still under weight restrictions from my back surgery. Both tanks are a mess really.
  9. I had a Paly eat a chromis once...
  10. Interesting name...ever been to the Restaurant near Big Sur? This. RFAs much more colorful and varied, don't eat stuff, and wont skunk your tank.
  11. ...and you are very kind to ask. Has been pretty tough on both Laura and I, and we are looking forward to better days ahead!
  12. Well, at one month out I can walk, drive, chew gum etc. Started back at work this week as well which was nice. Dialed the meds way down, still a lot of weird nerve-related symptoms and pain. Not getting a lot of sleep and down about 15 lbs. the hard way. Still, getting better every day.
  13. D did a great job with the hanging hardware...love the steam punk/industrial look of the piping as fixtures.
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