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  1. Oh, i think u meant the "yellow" polyps lol. They sorta look green under the lights for some reason :S
  2. it's a 16US gallon. Where's the green grassy stuff?
  3. Looks exactly like my clown goby!
  4. Won't the fire goby jump out running open top? Awesome tank btw!
  5. Thanks for the advice DoubleD. I'm going to upgrade my lighting this week, and keep my tank running with the live stock for another 4 weeks before i add my first coral. Your mexican turbo looks like the same size as mine! The turbo's do an excellent job of cleaning. They poop too much tho.
  6. Nice! I just got my nano started 3 weeks ago. Recently added 1 clown and 2 clown goby's. How long did you wait before you added soft corals?