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  1. biopelets

    Agreed with the above posts. You'll need to have a decent skimmer before trying bio-pellets. I'm on week 8 of my bio pellet run and things are so far looking great. My skimmer went crazy after adding bio pellets.
  2. Millerman's Cube25 Project

    Hi everyone, Here's a quick update on what's going on. Bio Pellets - I've waited up to the 8 week mark as per BRS's instructions, and my nitrates have dropped from 15ppm to 2.5ppm. I'm sold on bio-pellets, but you have to be careful using them. Scolly! - Splurged and spent a fair amount (triple digits) on an orange scolly. Next up, getting my nitrates to 0, and parameters in balance so that I can start adding SPS! Cheers, Millerman
  3. Millerman's Cube25 Project

    Thanks, Hognoxlous. This is a hobby that can be so unforgiving. I'm lucky my tank didn't crash. I can see why some exit the hobby prematurely. It's so easy to skip a water change here and there, and give up when your tank starts looking like crap. Somewhere in between all of life's surprises, I finally found the time again to tend to my reef in progress. Now, if only reefing were as easy as keeping this guy: I've been raising my turtle---a Red Eared Slider--- for a good 10 years or so. Easiest maintenance schedule ever ---- 20% water change with tap water every 2 weeks. No dosing, no auto top off, no skimmer, no nothing!
  4. Millerman's Cube25 Project

    Thanks! The Tunze is a great little skimmer, but it's extremely sensitive to water levels. As long as you run the tunze in a sump, you'll get great results. I'd also consider Reef Octopus or Bubble King skimmers if it fits your sump (and budget!).
  5. Millerman's Cube25 Project

    It's been a long time coming, but I've finally added a DIY sump to the system. A lot's changed since my last update. For one, my two torch corals and hammer corals were completely wiped out with some sort of bug. After dipping the corals in Revive several times through 5 months, I lost all but one head. Moral of the story ---- always dip your corals! Both of my true perculas also jumped out, which was a total bummer since they were happy and healthy for a good year before they decided to go carpet surfing. The good news: Added a DIY sump! Added two new hammer corals, 1 tomato clown, and three chromis On the way: BRS Tank cover (clear netting) to stop jumpers, BRS Bio-pellet reactor Adding a sump to the system was probably the best thing i've done for the system. Enjoy the pics! I'll be starting my Bio-pellet reactor in the next week (waiting for the package to arrive in UPS). So far, I've read mostly good things about bio-pellets. I'll keep my progress updated on this thread.
  6. Millerman's Cube25 Project

    Thanks! The angel is doing fine. I was hesitant to add a Flame Angel at first, but as long as he's well fed, he doesn't nip. Not so far anyway.
  7. 37G Shallow illuminated Reef tank

  8. The FTS Thread!

  9. ATO in the display

    The Tunze ATO sensor is pretty unobtrusive. I have it located in the display, but will move it into the sump once i get that going. Good luck!
  10. Millerman's Cube25 Project

    Radioactive brain coral!
  11. ChefReef's 29gal Build

    Sweet build!
  12. Double Vortech & Radion 60g Cube

    That is so awesome. I love my skunk cleaner shrimp.
  13. Millerman's Cube25 Project

    Added the first SPS --- a yellow acro! Full polyp extension. Rough sketch of the sump in progress. My mad google sketch skills. The rectangle is the Tunze 9002, and the circle is where I plan to mount the Tunze ATO sensor. Ignore the extra glass panel on the Intake--- I was too noobish to delete it. I'll post an updated sketch of the sump after i think through some baffle designs.
  14. My 10 Gallon Nano Reef Build

    +1. Nice spray painting skills.
  15. How much time before adding corals?

    +1 For the sake of the live stock, and your wallet, understand those articles before making major purchases. Reefing involves understanding basic chemistry and biology. Learning the basics will save you headaches in the long run. It's a marathon, not a sprint! Good luck!