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  1. am i the only one who was naming the coral i saw in that movie, lol
  2. see marineland led lights suck lol
  3. arking blues blue lightning electric flowers
  4. mine has had 4 new heads under led also.
  5. have you won TOTM yet?
  6. iv seen clusters of them they look exactly like button polyps
  7. i wonder if he was trying to host it? that would be so cool. will the clam die? why wont the clam just open?
  8. my first coral started from only 3 polyp's
  9. how are you filtering it?
  10. well yea i new that but is it 3 led bulbs or a gutted out light fixture with creed led's in it? link plz =]?
  11. if that is the jbj led light then its only good enuff for softy's (i think thats what evil said... that tank is awesome. rock work is a lil difrent id like to see how it turns out =]
  12. the oceanic biocube skimmer might work (i have it and it is awesome) or you can make one fome a bottle, i know you wer joking but why not have one?
  13. what lights are thoes?