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  1. just built a 24 aquastyles led light with a rapidled heatsink, it looks sexy as all get out and bright! coral are loving it, only problem is i used 2/1 rb/10k. its almost perfect but could use a lil tiny bit of warmth. and before you say it, i have done the same builds with 65k and nw leds, even in clusters it looks way to yellow an purple on shallow tanks (looks grate on 16"+ deep tanks) on the 120 gallon look down tank i built i added pink, and cyan leds and it looks awesome but i cant do that on this small build so what im looking for is a led strip that is ether pink,red,cw,nw,or rgb but im looking for deep red not 620nm red (i dont want cynobacteria) any links to cheap low power ones ? i looked on ebay but they are a ton of 50+meters strips i need like 18 inches how are the ocean coral whites from ledgroupbuy on small tanks ? does the colors blend well? thanks
  2. Chaeto/Mangroves outside?

    my pond had a mangrove growing like crazy out side 99 degrees out in fresh water. and i grew chayto in a bucket in 85 degree weather
  3. nano filter... HOB or canister?

    i find it funny there is a ton of people online who will say a canister filter is a "nitrite factory" and then put a carbon /phosban reactor (a clear canister filter with external pump renamed "reactor") and a filter sock on there tank, basically doing the same thing. what it comes down to is if you use filter pads in a system they need to be cleaned weekly or the crap will rot in them (nitrates) where if you dont use them you have to remove them with waterchanges or skimmer. after pad removed its just a reactor, run seachem matrix or de-nitrate(zeolite,)( dont use ceramics) and clean it every 3 months or carbon/phosban (ferric oxide) and clean it once a month.
  4. Metal Halide style LED build

    id love to see how this turns out, build it and worst case u lost one good mixing bowl lol
  5. 1 gallon tank lighting

    3 cree or bridglux leds leds not that hard to make well id do 2 RB 2 10k from aquastyles ran at 350 mA
  6. LED/T5 Shallow Build

    OCWs ? with all that red in that spectrum id add cyan or green. maybe a t5 bulb with more 420nm fiji purple's red is more 650nm ati purple plus is more 620, so the fiji will grow less bad algae
  7. My mini avatar world at night

    am i the only one who was naming the coral i saw in that movie, lol
  8. stunner LED strips

    sorry no go.. correction.. will work if you buy $400 worth of them.. pay someone to diy it for you. or do it yourself its super easy
  9. *My broken 40B Mix Reef

    next time im in orlando can i come see this awesome tank in person?
  10. Slightly Different EcoPico

    where in fl? check out BARS brevard area reef society
  11. Best tank size for a new nano-reefer

    i didnt bother to see if this was allready said but, a standard 20g high is perfect, 55 gal (what old reefers who know very little cuz they refuse to learn new facts and techniques will tell you to get is not a "great" choice) a 55 water changes are kinda big so your more inclined to put it off which will be a new reefers downfall 2-4 bulb 24" T5 light aquaclear 70-100 with carbon and chayto (plants) with cfl 65k light heater korila or MJ power head good sand and rock and most important RODI water for top off/waterchange DONE diy led when your ready lol, only $100 for a 20h
  12. Fluval

    see marineland led lights suck lol
  13. LED reef lighting dangerous?!

    i look at them and im fine lol, the ambient light has hurt my eyes after 3 hours, same with MH not so much with t5s , same pain from starring at my laptop for 6 hours
  14. LED vs T5

    T5+diy leds is the best lighting u can give your reef, with a combo like that MH has NO pro's over it. marineland leds suck. buy the T5 light and when your ready take 1 or 2 bulbs out and put a line of leds.
  15. protein skimmer from hell!

    its still all intact lol btw this is lostone on my new account lost my password :/ water goes in, up down out likr this -^-