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  1. superglue ok?

    wooot wooot yep its cynoacralate. thanks
  2. superglue ok?

    Zap super glue can it be used in for reefing.????? its super good glue used it for Rc cars.
  3. Lesson Learned-Dont Recharge Purigen

    that sux man, sorry.
  4. I have this stuff and it wont go away. i dont think it's a nutrient problem(coral only tank). My feeding schedule is once everyother day. i have a maxi jet 900 in the far right chamber of my NC12 and a mini powerhead(150gph) in the display. My CUC is 6 snails, 5 hermits and emarald crab. any ideas? Im also using non live tahitian moon sand. could it be my sand is just starting to cycle? tanks months old.
  5. JBJ 12 build questions

    T5 lighting is pretty limited because the width of the tank is only 13 1/2 inchs wide. the only thing that would really fit is like a 20" nova extreme or something simalar. MH comes in quite a few options but can cause some heat problems.(most of the time can be solved with a computer fan rig) A 70watt sunpod or viper would be more then fine. I have a JBJ 12dx as well and i tried a monti and it faded to a gross color, i ended up chucking it. If you got the bucks nanotuners has a in canopy set up that keeps the AIO look and feel.
  6. Lying sick on vacation in Chile

    cant you just cast a spell on your self, after all you are harry potter.
  7. I think my tank is dying......

    its Cyno bacteria (dont know how to spell it) what kind of flow do you have. Inverts also can find deadspots and get sick from the pullution.
  8. So i have Ammonia- 0 Nitrate- 2 Phos-.001 Nitrite-1 Alk- 3.1(low) Cal-400 PH-8.0 Salinity-1.025 Temp-79-82 -my corals look like crap, especially my duncan. -I have recently used a SeaChem PhosGaurd & BlueLife Alk buffer. -any ideas....? -my weekly water change will take place tommorrow
  9. will it help rid diatom bloom, i have never had a diatom bloom be4 and it is getting real ugly. i switched the type of topoff water im using could that have caused this delema.

    I got one two weks ago and i scratched it up and it healed up nice. i did not rip the head of though, well atleast they are fast growers and prett hardy.
  11. Nano-Reef.com 8th Birthday Giveaway

    happy b-day NR
  12. AP24 Set Up! (Picture Intensive)

    how does that six line treat your firefish, think i could get away with that in a 12gallon
  13. How do you measure the salinity of your reef?

    The most accurate way i have found is to dip my finger in the water and taste it, if it doesnt taste very salty i just grab the mortons and dump it in. seems to be working great, the three tangs in my 12gallon nanocube are so happy they jump for joy.(somtimes ending in their death) but hey its their life who im i to judge. seriously though, my LFS is cool and will test it for free, i have a hydro and its way low.
  14. DUCANS

    the heads on yours are very large, mine has 8 large heads that are 2" in diameter and six little guys poking out all around the base of the bigs one, the diameter of those is only 1/4-1/2 inch. i got them yesterday so im going to wait till tomorrow to feed them so they are on my feeding schedule. they have really opened up larger then they were at the LFS. could this be bad?