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  1. sold pending pick up in the morning.
  2. sure, Let me know how you'd like your tea and I'll warm up your lavender scented robe as well.
  3. bump... added pics. Also, sorry but I'm not seperating anything. It's a fantastic deal & you are more than welcome to buy it and piece it out,you'll more than likely get you're $$ back and whatever you keep will, in essence, be even cheaper or free.
  4. I had to tear down my nano in a hurry due to my ceiling caving in in the room it was in. I've emptied it out but it could use a quick rinse out. 12 gallon rimless, it had a previous owner who took off the rim and smoothed it out... did a really good job. The pumps are upgraded to, I forgot what.Koralia maybe. Black JBJ stand. black glass door. Excellent condition. Kessil A150 ocean blue.. used for 2 months max. Gooseneck for the Kessil. Flipper Nano magnet cleaner. 1/3 of a 5g bucket of dry rock... chamber full of small pieces of dry rock. 15+ lbs of activated carbon(needs A LOT of rinsing) bought it from JeboStore in a GB. tacky white clip-on fan if you want it. new black mesh bag for carbon. 5 gallon jug and dispenser it sits on (wooden one from arrowhead) Whatever other crap I may have forgotten about. Pick up in Studio City(Moorpark & Tujunga). There's a steep flight of stairs. Bring a friend 'cause we're too old and broken down to help. I'll try to take a pic or two tomorrow but doubt I'll remember how to post it.. $125.00 post here,pm, or email if interested GinaSofia@sbcglobal.net
  5. Hi Gena! I'd like "F" if still available, I can pick up Saturday??
  6. Gena, I can't thank you enough for mine the piece was extremely generous and it's growing like crazy. Thanks again. Gina
  7. i'm sorry I just read your message. They are gone.
  8. FS: WYSIWYG Zoanthids (New Frags Posted)

    received mine today beautiful zoas and perfect packaging. Thank you so much!
  9. is the blue litho a tongue coral?