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  1. Innovative Marine Ghost Skimmer Noise Fix

    A couple of Months. Innovative sent me a replacement propeller. It is going on two years now.
  2. RedSea Reefer 170 Build

    Following the Reefer...
  3. Placing plugs in tank

    Is what I am suggesting what everyone else does?
  4. Placing plugs in tank

    How does everyone go about placing plugs in the tank? Do you cut the knob off and use epoxy? Some of the plugs are really large. I have a lot of flat ledges in my aqua scape. How do you trim the knob off the plug?
  5. Best Skimmer

    Of course, the skimmer production will depend on the quality of the water, but I vinegar bath does expedite the process. The bath will remove the manufacturing diets and oils. It is also my r commendation to periodically clean the skimmer with a vinegar bath. Not my original idea, but I do it, and it helps rejuvenate an old skimmer.
  6. Best Skimmer

    Run it in a Vinegar bath over night and there really isn't a break in period.
  7. What's up with this Elegance coral?

    I would try finding a low flow area where it won't be subjected to the dusting of the sand. How recent are the tests in your signature? Your Ammonia seems high.
  8. Ideal water level for IM Fusion 40

    I keep the water level above the baffles in order to minimize the noise. The skimmer is easily adjustable. Start with the water level where you want it and skimmer cup fully extended. Lower the skimmer cup to your desired performance.
  9. Innovative Marine NUVO Aquarium SR 80 Build

    aquariumspecialty.com. I know they are going to discontinue carry them and there stock is pretty low. I could not find them anywhere else. Since the impeller was replaced, they produce little noise. My newest skimmer had the new impeller and produces very little noise. I am running both skimmers and the tank is in my Theater room. No noise issues with the skimmers. The biggest issue with this tank is that the baffles are not usable. They sound like Niagara Falls. I just keep the water level above the the baffles. But it is a frustratingly poor design on otherwise great tank.
  10. Favorite online sources for frags

    What is PEA?
  11. Favorite online sources for frags

    Thanks. I'll try a few of these.
  12. I've puchased everything from Liveaquaria. Looking for a source for frags. Polyps and SPS frags. Ready go...