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  1. latteslave

    Matto's 17.4g Rimless Newb Aventure!

    You have some great DIY skills. When you getting the additional LEDs?
  2. latteslave

    Bonnie Shallow Reef - 75 gallon mixed reef

    Great stand design. You do fine work. Can't wait to see the tank on there.
  3. latteslave

    Lattes Rimless Reef

    Just the one clown... Se will move to another tank and I will get a new pair. Not really looking to stock too many fish at all.
  4. latteslave


    A lot of really great info here - wish I would have found this months ago... Here's mine: llX made a suggestion my cycle might be too powerful. made some changes - Reef Angel controlled: 10:00 RB on at 20% 180 min ramp to 40% for 6 hours then back down 10:15 BLUE on at 15% 180 min ramp to 40% for 5.5 hours then back down 10:30 White on at 10% 210 min ramp to 40% for 4 hours then back down Let me know what you guys think. this is changing from W/B/RB on at 10AM 30/35/35 ramp up in 2 hours to 50/55/55. Goal is to have a 4 hour full photo period while bringing more blue throughout the day for coloration.
  5. latteslave

    Lattes Rimless Reef

    Didn't say you were wrong. I actually would love to hear what other ai nano users have going on with their light cycle. I have tried a few different ones so far and this has provided good results. Not great - but good. Nothing is bleaching or showing signs of stress but I know I should be getting better color than I am. My last DIY led rig gave me great coloration and it was a 12 hour light cycle all at 50%.
  6. latteslave

    New to saltwater looking for tank suggestions

    Really depends on what you want to do. What do you plan on keeping? What kind of budget?
  7. latteslave

    Lani's 8gal Maxi Ball

    Very interesting. Should be fun to see!
  8. latteslave

    Lattes Rimless Reef

    Wow. Made it almost half a page and I am already being told what I am doing wrong. Good times - glad I decided to start a new thread. MGDMIRAGE! A familiar face - thanks for popping in!
  9. latteslave

    Lattes Rimless Reef

    Thanks for the tip... These are very powerful. I had mine running max 25% when I had it four inches over the tank like yours is sitting. It's at 24" above the sand now and been running that way for about 6 weeks.
  10. latteslave

    Lattes Rimless Reef

    BoCoMo and Logansreef - thank you both. Lighting schedule is pretty basic right now: 10am white 30, blue 35, royal blue 35 2 hour ramp up to 50,55,55 and 2 hour ramp down at 8pm... Light off at 10.
  11. latteslave

    Clearly I'm doing it wrong...

    It's a bit surprising to think its just in the rocks. Is this a new RSM? Are the lights old? Check out the CPR nano reactors - you can run gfo in them and it will help but you need to really figure out the main cause.
  12. latteslave

    Lattes Rimless Reef

    Posting my piece of reef... Tank: Advanced Acrylic - 20 x 16 x 14. Center overflow dual return. Light: AI Nano Rock: @ 15 Lbs tonga Sand: 15 Lbs Sump: Advanced Acrylics custom. Simple sump with built in top off section. Skimmer: BubbleMagnus NAC3 Return: Mag 7 for primary Rio for secondary Running Biopellets and GFO in CPR nano reactors Reef Angel Controller Lighting schedule: RB - on at 10:00 25% with a 3 hour ramp up to 50%. 7pm 3 hour ramp down to 25% then hits 2% at 10pm for moonlights Blue - on at 10:30 at 20% with a 3 hour ramp up to 45%. 6:30 3 hour ramp down to 20% then off at 9:30pm NW - on at 10:45 at 20% with a 3 hour 15 minute ramp up to 45%. 6pm 3 hour 15 minute ramp down to 20% then off at 9:15pm This tank has been going since September 2012. Current FTS: 01/19/2013 Thanks for stopping by!
  13. I really like the rock work you did. This has a ton of potential.
  14. latteslave

    Arkayology's Rimless 40g

    The pics are really good but to appreciate the rock work and depth and colors, you gotta see this thing in person. It is frickin' awesome!
  15. latteslave

    Shallow Starphire 36x18x12 build (New Pic Dump 5/9)

    AI lights are great... Use a nano on mine. I have not seen a ton of reviews on the vega or honestly anyone using one. I like the spectrum but I am sure you would need two. I have seen the rations over a couple of tanks and they are nice too. I really like the dimensions on the tank.