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  1. latteslave

    135 rimless reef

    Man - I have been horrible at posting... Quick photo upload, all iPhone and no editing, sorry for the quality. First is the comparison from the start to current. Shot of the corals at the waterline The clam becoming a monster Untitled And other random shots In there process of removing some sand and then adding in new.
  2. latteslave

    135 rimless reef

    Thanks Matt, Mark and Evan. Corals broke the waterline this week... Pico - I like the coral radiance. I am doing my best NOT to do anything to the tank with the exception of maintenance. In the past, I think the amount of messing I did with other tanks caused issues.
  3. Great shots in that last group!
  4. latteslave

    135 rimless reef

    and a quick STS again - no editing and iPhone 6 I like the coverage - having the 120 makes a difference but honestly I get plenty of coverage.
  5. latteslave

    135 rimless reef

    Dramad1 they are the gen 3 pros. And thanks!
  6. latteslave

    135 rimless reef

    Thanks - and apparrently I have it maxing at 75 now... I know I moved it higher but everything is growing so why mess with it.
  7. latteslave

    135 rimless reef

    Here you go Evan127
  8. latteslave

    135 rimless reef

    Thank Matt! All is good - still very busy and that is not a bad thing.
  9. latteslave

    135 rimless reef

    Thank you! Not sure what that is... and thank you! Thank you! Radions ramp up to 80... I have the 120 lenses on them.
  10. latteslave

    Arkayology's Rimless 40g

    just stopped in to say hi! Tank looks phenomenal!!!
  11. latteslave

    Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

    Man I missed SO much... tank looks GREAT!
  12. latteslave

    135 rimless reef

    As bad as it gets... Nothing but shoot and upload. Top drawer on the cabinet is an acrylic cutting board, other two are storage. On the FTS you can see the digis have almost broke the water line. Cabinet: New FTS:
  13. latteslave

    135 rimless reef

    Had the drawers installed. Corals are less than an inch to breaking the water. Have to upload the pics...
  14. latteslave

    135 rimless reef

    Ok - haven't posted in a while. Yes the tank is still up and has not crashed. Looking good and growing out. I have taken pics three weeks in a row and just don't like them. I'm just gonna post something from the next set even if it is not a great shot.
  15. latteslave

    Cruz's GaTech 40B - Back on dry land 5/28/15

    Looking good Cruz!