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  1. I will have to use an automatic feeder due to me having to be gone for 3-4 days a week? Do you have a suggestion on a High quality Flake or Pellet food? What do you think about New Life Spectrum?
  2. I have a new 29gal tank that has just finished cycling and has been stocked with about 10 different snails as my initial cleaning crew. Assuming everything goes well with the snails over the next week, what should I add next? I want my tank to be a REEF tank with only a few fish/inverts. The fish I want to house are Clowns or Cardinals and a sand sifting goby and pistol shrimp. So, would it be better for the reef to let the tank mature with fish first or go ahead and add corals first or both? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. So what would you do? Buy at ATO? Expensive!! Its not 100% setup yet. I have a 150W sunpod on it and use a Bak-Pak 2r. The only thing in the tank right now is sand and water. Since the light has been installed, it seems to evaporate 1/8" or less a day.
  4. I am hoping my roommates will take care of that. Speaking of which, how much water loss is tolerable before needing a TOP OFF?
  5. Thats an idea. Thanks for the reply. I am not gone for an entire 4 days. I leave the morning of the first day and return the evening of the 4th, so the fish only go 2 or 3 days without food. Does that help much?
  6. I will be broadcast feeding my corals with different plankton. So, fish that survive awhile on that would be great.
  7. Or are there any fish that would survive for a food days on live food left in the tank or hung seaweed?
  8. I have read a bit about both gobies, mostly on liveaquaria.com, and it states they should be fed twice a day. Is there any validity in this because I cannot guarantee how many pods I have available for consumption. Thanks for your replys
  9. Once I establish my 29 gal reef tank, I would like to add a few fish. What fish would thrive in a reef tank and only need be feed once or twice a week? I travel 4 days every week and cannot trust that my roommates will provide food properly.
  10. The 2 has biological filter media in it. The media is used in Fish Only tanks. The 2r is the reef ready version.
  11. WTB a New or Used Bak-Pak 2 or 2+ or 2r or 2r+. I prefer the 2r or 2r+ but don't mind modifying a 2 to make it into a 2r.
  12. I have been looking for a good/working Bak-Pak 2r. What pump do you have on it? Can you ship it to Atlanta, GA? I would like to see pics of it before I say I will buy it. If you have a good pump and guarantee it works or you will take it back and can ship it, we will have a deal. Sorry, just noticed it has the Maxi Jet. Which model?