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  1. Feel free to hit me on yahoo! or aim to chat about stuff. I have questions trust me.
  2. Thanks for the responses everyone! It really comes down to having somewhat of a minimal setup. If I could hide the chiller I would not mind getting one. I have a tight space and really do not want to have all kinds of stuff hanging around. I have to find the middle where I can have the tank and have my space. If I could conceal the chiller completely I would just go for it. I will keep looking around and researching to see what I can do. Are there any functional chillers that fit behind the tank area? I am totally new to this so if that sounds crazy feel free to let me know. Thanks all!
  3. Quite new to the reef idea. I am researching well ahead before I start a tank... Probably about 3 more months of information then I will start collecting parts. I would like to know HOW you would know if you need a chiller or not? I live in colorado and my home gets about 65 during the winter, somewhere around 78 in the summer.... I plan on getting a 26 Gal. Cube w/ an open top + 150 W light. I hear the high powered lights increase the heat (of course) but I need more info. Any help would be appreciated! I am just planning on what to buy + I like a REALLY clean setup. Seeing what I can do as far as that... Thanks so much I appreciate it!