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  1. White Hermit Crab, any info?

    I wouldn't recommend these as reef safe anymore. I bought 2 a while ago, big and fast moving. Both crabs decided to get out of there shells and never saw them again, I believed both are dead, then a few weeks ago zoas started disappearing overnight. I couldn't figure out what was going on. Then I wake up, 2 mushrooms are shredded. They are healing fine. Now I've lost like 1 ricordea every night for the past few nights. I get up this morning, I find a piece of rubble and superglue in a hole on the top rock in my tank that wasn't there yesterday. It turned out to be a ricordea with a chunk missing out of it. Watching that rock for a while a white crab started to pop out. He is living in my rock instead of a shell. He must come out at night and drag my coral back to his cave. Now how to get it out and is the other one still in my tank or dead idk
  2. thinking of a new tank/overhead refugium

    The way I want to run it is put the pump into a little home built overflow box in the corner of the display, to allow for surface skimming. Pump the water up from there into the refugium. The water level in the refugium would be controlled by the 2 bulkheads gravity feeding back into the display. (2 returns to allow more volume/reduce any blockages) So in a power loss, there will be drainage into the display, but wouldn't/shouldn't be enough to overflow it just the small amount the pump was putting into it.
  3. so I've been thinking of building a new tank in my bedroom, i want the tank to sit on my one dresser, since its tall and nice solid wood so its strong enough to hold a decent size tank. next to said dresser is a large gun safe which is 12'' taller than the dresser, which i would like to set the refugium on. absolute max display tank size would be a 40b on the dresser, that would take up pretty much the entire surface area, and would look awesome but maybe a little big. for the refugium i would probably use a plastic rubbermaid tub or equivilent (up to 40b in size) with some type of canopy over it for reverse photoperiod. to pump water from the display i was thinking just a maxi jet 1200 and a clear tube to feed the refugium, and then add 2 bulkheads to the refugium as gravity returns to the tank. max head height on the pump would be 12-16'', in a power outage the gravity flow would stop before overflowing the display. would this work good? would 1 pump provide enough flow into the refugium? is there any ideas i could do better? did i overlook anything important? I've never had an external refugium before so i don't want a disaster
  4. pump and waterlevel question in back of AIO

    I have 3 maxijets in the back chamber of my old aquapod right now, the water level is almost 6 inches lower than the display. They are silent. The only time I ever hear noise from them is after I clean them and try to fit them all back in the rear chamber they tend to vibrate on something until you move them just right.
  5. 70w metal halide bulb

    I like that 20k blue, I was just thinking about upgrading my 14k in my 70sunpod to a 20k. I think I'm sold.
  6. My tank is glass, I usually hit the top of the sand with the scrubber as I go by, but I'm not actively digging around I it.
  7. NanoTopia's ADA 30c [ FLIR ]

    Very nice build so far, you have great diy skills.
  8. NanoTopia's ADA 30c [ FLIR ]

    Very nice build so far, you have great diy skills.
  9. Apex Jr or Apex Lite for Biocube

    I was thinking about the full apex controller for a tank I'm setting up, I'd rather buy it once than have to upgrade again, do you think it's worth the price for the full version or is the lite version basically just as good and I could save some money I know I won't be using all the features, but I do realize that in the future I will be adding stuff to it as needed. Mostly right now would be to control the temp, pumps, and lights. But I want to upgrade to dim-able LEDs in the future, and would like that control as well.
  10. Phoenix az reefers?

    Thanks guys, I'm going to check into the reef keeper and www.azreefs.com Zrogst - I grew up south of Detroit, so many of us Michiganders relocated here to az.
  11. Phoenix az reefers?

    I was wondering who here is from Phoenix? I'm about to start up my first tank living in Phoenix sknce i moved from michigan a few years ago, and I have a question about people's setups here, mostly do you HAVE to run a chiller in your tanks here, obviously I keep my house cooled with ac, but its an older unit and I'm more worried about coming home one day and the ac will be broke. What temperatures are too hot for a tank with fish and coral? Is there any thermometers with an alarm and a peak temperature memory so I can see if temps spike during the day when I'm not home? And any more advice on you arizona members can give me would be appreciated. I've been out of the hobby for about 5 years now so I need to relearn a lot.
  12. So I'm brainstorming ideas for my next new tank. It will be basically an aio setup with a closed loop pump setup. I really hate the look of power heads in the display and wires going all over. So the tank is going to be about 13-14 gallons. I am looking at running 2 maxi jet utility 900 pumps 247gph each. I would go with a 400 but they are submersible only. I want to run the pumps external. It would be split into 4 returns( probably 2 hydor flo and 2 loc lines). So the main question right now is: is 500gph too much flow for 13-14 gallon tank? if I ran it with a wave maker it would drop it to 250gph is that still too much?
  13. Rimless aio possible build ideas

    To expensive for a small tank IMO, but they look great. That's just too big but would be awesome.
  14. So I've been out of the reef scene for about 2 years now. Finally getting myself reestablished in a new city and home, I'm wanting a new tank So I'm looking at a mr aqua 17 gallon rimless rectangle Dim 24x12x14.4h I want to put a black acrylic wall in it across the back so it's a roughly 24lx3" deep chamber to run an overflow into and grow chaetomorph and hide the 2 pumps I want to run as returns along with a heater. I would prefer the overflow in the center dumping onto a small filter pad/carbon setup which is how I had my old aqua pod. The water would then be in the center chamber which would house the chaetomorph and then 1 chamber on each other side for a return pump which should provide great flow in the aquarium display part (2 maxi jet 900). I would probably have some live rock rubble in 1 chamber and the heater in the other. And the returns would be lock line and possibly a hydor flo. Lighting would be 2 ecopico led fixtures with 3 strips each (possible 4 if I can fit them/ if needed) and a jbj magnet refugium led light. Stuck to the back of the tank for the chaetomorph So what do you guys think, would that overflow refugium setup be decent? I'm not going to have a super crazy reef tank, probably a few mushrooms a few zoas and a couple fish. My last tank was an aqua pod 29 with metal halides and the back chambers/ pumps were about the same setup and it worked pretty good for me.
  15. EcoPico - the saga continues

    How is the light? Can you add more than 3 strips to it or would you need another fixture as well? I'm thinking about running 2 of the lights with 3 strips each on a larger rimless tank and I've never seen the ecopico in person yet to make my decision To buy the lights or not