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  1. Nice tank my friend has over 1000 gals of tanks in his house largest is 320 but he works at a shop and had setup this same tank for a customer 1 year ago and she just got out of the hobby! Well long story short she gave him the whole setup mp's skimmer all coral and fish! over $5000.00 I could not believe it she took his old wood stove in trade her idea! beautiful tanks.
  2. My clown is 11 YO and he lives in my rock with hairy mushrooms I have hammer frogspawn 3 rock flowers and two mini red carpets? go figure?
  3. They'[re nice I just bought one last spring at a swap and it spilt! so I have two now may sell one if my friend doesn't buy..I've heard where they're imported from is closed to harvesting them?
  4. yeah saw that you already got the kessil
  5. I upgraded to Trulumen leds their great just gut your hood and install they are dimmable and look great!
  6. My tanks over 10 years old well my tank inhabitants and don't use a skimmer water changes and a refugium in back.
  7. Yes you can run one pump I made a fuge in my middle chamber in my jbj it works great so far I tried a skimmer did not like it worked fine but I really like the fuge setup better..
  8. Here’s my ultra got it at a coral show $40.00! Wish he had more!
  9. I was going to ask the same question? im setting up a fuge in my 24 gal JBJ in the middle chamber got a 12” 10k with blue red green leds hoping it works ok?
  10. Mkus

    Clownfish hosting

    you mean the shell was hosting the clown .. Mine lives in my hairy mushrooms 10 years now!
  11. I’ve had this anemone for several months and I feed it occasionally. Today I looked at it and it had moved so I looked a little closer and saw another on the back side of the same piece of rock!!! It had split very cool..