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  1. Mkus

    JBJ 28gl pump question

    Yes you can run one pump I made a fuge in my middle chamber in my jbj it works great so far I tried a skimmer did not like it worked fine but I really like the fuge setup better..
  2. Here’s my ultra got it at a coral show $40.00! Wish he had more!
  3. Mkus

    Refugium LED Light Spectrum Help

    Nice looks great!
  4. Mkus

    Refugium LED Light Spectrum Help

    I was going to ask the same question? im setting up a fuge in my 24 gal JBJ in the middle chamber got a 12” 10k with blue red green leds hoping it works ok?
  5. Mkus

    Clownfish hosting

    you mean the shell was hosting the clown .. Mine lives in my hairy mushrooms 10 years now!
  6. I’ve had this anemone for several months and I feed it occasionally. Today I looked at it and it had moved so I looked a little closer and saw another on the back side of the same piece of rock!!! It had split very cool..
  7. Mkus

    Biocube 14 Doing Great!

    I’m a LPS guy lol never tried or wanted to do SPS
  8. Mkus

    Biocube 14 Doing Great!

    Shots from today mini carpet an ultra rock flower
  9. Mkus

    Biocube 14 Doing Great!

    It’s now a 24 up graded from the 10 yo 14 it’s been running now 10 years no crashes!!!
  10. Mkus

    Biocube 14 Doing Great!

    I have a Pygmy angel and a gold banded shrimp and my 10 yo clown all doing well with same leds Tru lumen
  11. Mkus

    Biocube 14 Doing Great!

    yep it is I upgraded to a JBJ 24
  12. Mkus

    BTA, mini maxi, or rock flower nems?

    I have rocks and a mini red carpet none have moved since ive added them great additions I have a 24 jbj with tru lumen leds
  13. Mkus

    Skimmer before and after

    They will also strip your water your salinity if you wet skim in small tanks I just do more water changes
  14. I would not put a pygmy in anything smaller than a 20 gal just not enough room