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  1. live stock

    18-20 everything b/c want everything for below wholesale prices......
  2. live stock

    anywhere from 10-20 bucks
  3. live stock

    overnight is around 20 2 day is around 12
  4. live stock

    i only have about 5lbs of rubble and i can send it 2 day with no issues...biggest piece is maybe 5 inches it's fiji and tonga
  5. live stock

    in other words about the size of a post it note
  6. live stock

    they're about 3 inches round
  7. live stock

    so buy them!!! you're technically get 2 for the price of 1
  8. live stock

    LOL!!! that was pretty damn good dude!!1 not gonna lie this guy's a bit nuts too....i was standing right next to him in the street he had a CLEAR FISH BAG in his hands.....he could have seen then how many i gave him.....was a tool 18-20 for you too!!
  9. live stock

    +1 again....please feel free to come back and pick a couple of more free of charge......if not then please do not post on this thread any more as you are being quite insulting when all im trying to do is make things right with you
  10. live stock

    guys I need this stuff gone.....PM me with some offers......and don't pay me in quarters!!!! LOL
  11. live stock

    lol.....ohhhh sorry a big 4 blocks in a car is tough for you!! whatever dude......you're a con artist......this is what I get for selling to a noob on the forum thanks for wasting my time
  12. live stock

    thanks man ummm i gave you 5 and if you'd like you can come back and ill give you a couple for free just to make you stop #####ing b/c you didnt have enough money to get all the ones you wanted and you paid me in quarters uncalled for......
  13. live stock

    lol wow......what a con artist did you or did you not give me 40 dollars??
  14. live stock

    lol you have me 40 bucks....i gave you 5.....do the math my friend