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  1. Tough to say without seeing the mat structure.
  2. What lighting are you using? My RP is soooo metallic green in comparison under my T5's (10K and actinic 1:1)!
  3. I have them in my 29g with many species of SPS and I have never had a problem with them.
  4. My LFS had a single mature polyp of that going for $300
  5. Did you sculpt the rock yourself? I really dig the shape. Do you plan on using a product like microbacter 7?
  6. That's a whole lot of elbow grease. My forearms hurt looking at it.
  7. Very nice Xenia - keep it in check!
  8. Kraylen, are these acans in your 55 gallon reef? Great pic btw. Awesome colors.
  9. very cool fuge. well done!
  10. bottom left corner kinda makes me think of the preadator.
  11. I ate the unicorns, but the zoas look great!
  12. I dig the idea. Fish eye view. Rock on. Good pic.
  13. Nice contrast in colors. I like it.
  14. Killer shot!
  15. Good detail in the skirt closest to center. Like the zoas and the pic!