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  1. safe blackout duration?

    I have found the best solution is to out-compete the nuisance algae. If you have the ability to run a macro fuge, that is the best long term solution. Once I did that, my issues were finally solved. Blackouts are too risky to your investment IMO. Aggressive macros with regular pruning works.
  2. 55 Gallon - 2 years old

    Give it a month or so, I think it'll turn around.
  3. How do I kill green hairy algae while growing Caulerpa?

    The caulerpa will out - compete the hair algae IME. Just give it time. Caulerpa as primary export has worked great for me.
  4. 55 Gallon - 2 years old

    Are you using a fuge at all for macro?
  5. 55 Gallon - 2 years old

    What are your phosphates at? Duncans, Acans, and Frogspawn have always done better for me with higher phosphates, especially when alkalinity is high like yours is. When I was using GFO, those corals wouldn't open fully. A couple months since removing that media and my fuge macros exploding with growth, they look great.
  6. 55 Gallon - 2 years old

    Yep, I have 4 Home Depot buckets that I mix up at a time and just switch them out as the reservoir every few days. I use the Tunze Osmolator for the ATO. Works great and keeps both Ca/Alk and pH stable.
  7. 55 Gallon - 2 years old

    Try the kalk Ben. Start with half a teaspoon per gallon dosed through top off forca week and adjust from there.
  8. 55 Gallon - 2 years old

    Is there any evidence that your current pH is causing problems? Kalkwasser in the ATO will help bring your pH up, and its the cheapest 2 part. I am currently using it on all my tanks for calcium and alkalinity needs, and it keeps the pH up at the same time. I personally wouldn't start messing around with additives to try chasing a number. Save your money and sanity. Kalkwasser is king in my opinion.
  9. 55 Gallon - 2 years old

    Hey Ben, as far as pH goes, before trying to change anything you need to make sure your probe is properly calibrated. The difference in alkalinity values you are seeing between the two test methods suggests technique is likely the problem as those results are too different to be analytical variation. If you're interested, next time I'm up in that area I could give you some help with titrating (I'm a chemist). Do you have a refugium on your tank? I switched to macro filtration on my frag system in place of gfo and it has made a positive impact both on coral appearance and alkalinity related issues.
  10. Help rapid loss of Alk

    Why are you trying to control the alkalinity in a 40b with only 4 corals? Why are you dosing to 11dKH?
  11. How much of each of those medias listed are you using?
  12. Seems like you are running too much media, thats my guess. I had a similar problem once and stopped running carbon and gfo and replaced with caulerpa in my fuge. Nutients went up a little, but the corals look so much better.
  13. Losing all my SPS quickly

    Did you do any maintenance on the tank between the first and second picture in your original post?
  14. Would you buy this and flip it for more?

    No way. No one with that kind of budget would be remotely interested.
  15. How to find Pickling Lime (Calcium Hydroxide)

    I find it easier to point and click on kalk mix on BRS and have it conveniently delivered to my door.