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    Zach's 120 Gallon Reef Resurgence

    I had dinos really bad and only thing that helped was a 3.5 day blackout.
  2. External overflow and the return flow will be the only thing visible in the tank. The lighting as of now will be a 18" current 2x 18" T5HO T5s. I might swap to LEDs if i don't get the "pop" that i want!

    MGDMIRAGE's 3 gallon long zoanthid pad.

    Yeah this is like 4th tank I've done it on.

    MGDMIRAGE's 3 gallon long zoanthid pad.

    Making glass magic happen now I just need another 3/4" bulkhead and glass cut for the external overflow box.

    MGDMIRAGE's 3 gallon long zoanthid pad.

    I have experience cutting glass and making external overflows so plan on this being fairly smooth.

    MGDMIRAGE's 3 gallon long zoanthid pad.

    10 gallon sectioned sump.

    5.5g of Fun new fts 4/25/18

    Waiting always loved the 5.5.

    Veng's 65g

    Wow I love the gopro vids I could watch those all day! Great setup!
  9. Yeah the glass on the 5.5 gallon and 2.5 gallon is just ridiculously thin!!
  10. Sadly my kids cracked it before it was fully cycled Anything under 1/4" is too thin to safely be drilled in my opinion. I drilled it fine but it only took one bump to crack the overflow hole because the glass is just crazy thin.

    Golden Dwarf Moray Eel with Clownfish?

    I had a golden dwarf for a long time he never bothered any fish or even my cleaner shrimp. They are extremely passive for a moray. I used to pick mine up by hand to transfer them from tank to tank. Very docile creatures. Their eyesight isn't great but they never killed one fish in my tank and I had some small gobies. If you keep them well fed they are amazing reef inhabitants.
  12. I trimmed the silicone on this one too.
  13. Just saw this thread. The tank looks great but I must say I really dig that first scape over the current one, just my 2 cents. I had a 2.5 for awhile and it always drove me nuts how much silicone they used on the side seams lol. I even drilled mine but I don't recommend that as they are like 1/8" thick or less, mine eventually cracked from getting bumped by my kids. Following, this looks like a great little tank! You can see why I loved your first scape, this was my 2.5 gallon that I had hooked to a sump lol.

    Nick's 30L Mixed Reef

    Can't wait to see how it looks with that new light!

    CadLights 47G Starfire

    Love the new scape! looks very unique! I can't wait to see everything grow in more now
  16. Beautiful tank as always!

    20x20x12 rimless LIG build....yep another one.

    Cool setup, can't wait to see what comes next!
  18. 40 Gallon Breeder Display 40 Gallon Long Sump/Refuge 1 WP-40 Pump (circulation) 1 MP40 Vortech wireless. Reef Ocotopus 250 Needle Wheel Skimmer 36" Nova Extreme 6 bulb T5HO 32" Reefbreeders full spectrum LED fixture. Ebo Jager 250w heater BRS Reactor running Ecobak by Warner Marine (for over 3 years now) Korallin C1502 calcium reactor with 10lb co2 tank. QuietOne 4000 Return Pump 60lbs Sugar sized sand(removing with water changes) Livestock plans Coral: SPS and LPS minimal to no softies Fish: 2 Black and White Ocellaris. 1 Golden Dwarf Moray Eel. Now lives in a 150 gallon tank. 1 Pygmy Cherub Angelfish 1 Vermiculated Wrasse Female MIA 1 Hector's Goby Died perhaps of age 1 Yellow Tang, trying to sell. Need to catch, has a home ready in a 200 gallon cube. 1 (Temporarily) Sailfin Tang juvenile Sold and now lives in a 120 gallon elos system. 1 Target Mandarin (Male) Jumped during night 1 Dragonface Pipefish Vanished without a trace. 1 Orchid Dottyback 1 Copperband Butterflyfish. Lives in the sump. more to come... FTS 3/29/2014 FTS 6/14/2013"</IMG> FTS 3/31/2013 FTS 1/20/2013
  19. Revamp coming, and the tank has been running for quite awhile with only a return pump and a heater. The initial plan has worked out. Things have been busy with 3 young kids but I hope to get this back on track extremely soon, ordering some stuff the 24th of this month. Updates to follow! I did change a few things back in March but didn't like them so going to redo it all well except for the no equipment in display I plan to not change that. I've been very happy with the SQWD and 740gph pump providing all the movement.
  20. Going to turn into a crab and shrimp tank with lps and sps. I may remove the false sand bed so that pistol shrimp can be part of the setup. 12/27/2013 I finally had to take the plunge and see the actual quality of these new Cadlight Zen series aquariums since their price is just insanely cheap. I am beyond pleasantly surprised at the amazing quality and find myself staring at the empty tank quite often. Once looking over all the sizes I decided to try out the 7 gallon as the dimensions reminded me of my all time favorite tank which is a 5.5 gallon but this 7 gallon is a bit wider and a bit taller yet same length(16"). I received the tank within 3 days of ordering it and here are some pics of the quality. This is my first low iron tank and wow it just looks so gorgeous compared to the dark green regular plate glass! FTS 6/16/2013 I should also mention this tank only costed $57 shipped which to me seems like pure insanity! This will be an SPS and Zoanthid tank, I have changed my mind

    Mirage's 12 Gallon Long

    Marine Depot's awesome packaging. Holy Packing Peanuts! A sample rock.
  22. I'm thinking LPS/Softies and some BTA Standard 15 AGA 24"x12"x12", But I cleaned up the silicone in front and removed the top but not for long as the top will be fitted with mesh for jumper deterrent system. Tank will be T5 driven for now 4x 24" ATI bulbs, perhaps some LED actinic strips too. Things to do: Paint back, add awesome contents. Fish will be two Purple or regular Firefish, 1-2 Pearly Jawfish, Tailspot Blennie, and a Mandarin which I will set up a 10 gallon barebottom tank to train it to eat prepared first. I will certainly keep up on filtration to accommodate any load. Current FTS 3/12/2013 2/22/2013
  23. Beautiful tank empty can't wait to see filled.