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  1. 10 Gorgonian reef

    Thanks, there are many different species, and I got mine from ipsf.com and he's been doing very well after about a year and hasn't gotten bigger. He keeps the sand very clean. I stir my sand and it settles immediately with not much debris. Thanks, the lights are just actinics, from the coral life double fixture (the white turned off). And the back filter fuge is lit by a compact fluorescent.
  2. 10 Gorgonian reef

    So it's been a long while since I've posted anything about my nps tank. A lot of misses. One of the white gorgonians that I think is a white variation of a menella has lost a lot of tissue, but it was unhealthy when I received it. It makes me sad because it's my 2nd favorite. I have an obsession with non-photo gorgs. A closer shot of the menella. Leptogorgia virgulata Picked up this uncommon beauty yesterday, was absolutely thrilled. It kind of inspired me to put more effort in this tank xD Is is a Paramuricea clavata, from the Mediterranean region. On the way home, all the polyps were open. They were closed in the store I bought it from. I think water movement has a lot to do with how this coral feeds. The coral was open for most of the day in my highly circulated tank that I hand fed that day. It also appears to have some hitchhikers resembling brittle star arms...hopefully not bad. I also just recently lost my blue spot jawfish. Unlike many nps tanks, this one is 'dirty' with no skimmer. Some changes I want to make are to lower the water temp with a fan and do more water changes. Other livestock: 1 basket starfish, hasn't been actively feeding like I've hoped. A small colony of calcerous tube worms. 1 Sand sifting sea cucumber, had it about a year from Indo Pacific sea farms. Green Brittle Star. The tank is FILLED with hitchhikers, such as vermetids, which are 'snails' that look like tub worms that spew out slime as a feeding mechanism when I stir the sand bed. Also many chitons, mini fan worms, snails, spaghetti worms, ect. The halimeda grew in large clumps on that rock on it's own. Sand bed clam. Not much filtration, just water changes, ultra bak, lit amended filter, chemi pure. Foods: cyclop-eeze, ultra min, F, S, sea fan, organic, tropic marine powered phyto, shellfish diet, golden pearls, rod's food, stirring the sand bed (aided by jawfish). Dosing: Occasionally, magnesium and calcium. Camera: a bad one Other species (times purchased): Acabaria sp (orange tree gorgonian) Jan-29-10 2 Junceella fragilis (spiral)- Apr 4, 2010 Melithaea (red) Jan-14-10 Menella sp. (yellow) Jan-29-10 Junceella fragilis (black) and orange sun coral 05/27/2010 Many of the corals may have lost tissue due to poorer water quality which I am trying to fix now.
  3. Baby Flame scallop?

    Those of you who want a -chance- with flame scallops should check out fauna marine products like ultra clam and ultra min F.
  4. Sea Squirt help

    Is that a sponge and a yellow gorgonian? You should consider fauna marine products.
  5. Electric flame scallop

    I'm going to try one, with sellfish diet and ultra clam in my non-photo tank.
  6. ATTENTION Our hobby might be made illegal!

    This is most likely not going to happen, given the already existing illogical bans on species. It would be lovely if the 'right' animals were regulated, but I don't recall any instance of this ever occurring. You shouldn't be supporting this bill in any way. It's a ridiculous violation of rights. I wouldn't even mind if the pet industry was regulated more, but a permanent ban is unacceptable on all levels.
  7. ATTENTION Our hobby might be made illegal!

    Well, those animals would probably grandfathered. Doesn't make this any better.
  8. Any non-photosynthetic nanos here?

    New additions
  9. Fiddler crab

    Thanks, and it seems like he's staying underwater a lot more. Must be a different type of fiddler crab. He's been underwater from what I can see for the past 3 days, and he seems fine. Just piled rocks
  10. Fiddler crab

    I know it's not the ideal environment, but I've had this guy for more than 2 years, I've been keeping him with mud skippers but the last one died, and he's been alone in a plastic aquarium with just gravel and a rock. So I thought what the heck. He never had access to sand the whole time I've had him, nor are they normally kept with such. Now he actually has access to sand in my reef tank, and live rock instead of freshwater pebbles. A ton of natural food to choose from. I have rocks piled for him to climb on that even lead to the refugium, he has no problem climbing up. And he's more active in this tank, he started doing behaviors I didn't see much of, such as waving his claw like they do in the wild on top of the rock...unless that's a bad thing (sos) Also mine spends most of his time in water, in both habitats. He likes to be in submerged with his eye stalks out. I've had him in since yesterday, and I think I saw him picking at the bryprosis He hasn't touched the corals, or any fish (he was kept with mudskippers so no surprise there). Most likely he was eating the sediments on the rock. I just remember, I actually put a plastic pan of sand in the tank once a year ago, and the crab literally never even touched it, so he must not be a sand loving crab.
  11. My feather duster purchased 2/28/09

    I don't think feather dusters live long term in nanos without being fed. For some reason no one objects to keeping them without feeding. For feather dusters, dose phytofeast and or fauna marine's ultra min F, S, and clam. Not cheap but if you get them they will last a long time and I'm sure the feather duster will be fine, and the foods will benefit the rest of the tank.
  12. sun sun sun (new aquarium RSM coming - pg 9)

    Cherry Corals: http://www.cherrycorals.com/equipment/home.php?cat=177 The Reef Shoppe: http://www.thereefshoppe.ca/index.php?main...products_id=602
  13. Any non-photosynthetic nanos here?

    Also ordered 'ultra sea fan', and at the store they have me ultra pac for free I also bought a powdered phyto by Tropic Marin.
  14. Any non-photosynthetic nanos here?

    Polypson the sponge opened hours after a brushed it with a tooth brush Phew, but now I know I have algae issues that will pose problems to my future gorgonians, and I don't want to shut the lights off because of the halimeda plants in the tank. I also bought a small yellow sea cucumber yesterday and ordered a 'tiger sponge' that I think is 'Botrylloides leachii' which is a colonial tunicate. So so far so good, the 'frag' of the scleronepthya is still opening well.