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  1. never noticed the comments before, heh sorry its a 10 gallon with Coralife Aqualights Compact Fluorescent Strip Lights and aquaclear filter modified into a fuge. Yes it is a candycane. I guess the actinic does that, thanx. The clown is hosting a frogspawn. Unfourtunantly the tank has a byproisis algae (sp) problem.
  2. both die in captivity
  3. my yasha gobie paired up with my randall's pistol shrimp in a 10 gallon. Pretty interesting to watch.
  4. stupid snail? you make it sound like he put it there on purpose.
  5. really nice tank. how long have you had the gorgonian?
  6. no pics
  7. ignorant customer+ignorant lfs=disater 50% both their faults
  8. Just about any pet store sells empty aquariums. If your talking about already filled, well, you should do it yourself. You'll also have to decide what to use for water movement, filtration, ect. To make a long post short, start studying here.
  9. can someone still answer the question on a good pistol shrimp for a yashi though?
  10. tgrupert, your pm box is full
  11. dwarf frogfish I think can be kept in a 10 gallon, but NO invertabrates or clean up crews. Other then that they make good reef dwellers. That's all I know really though. Someone else should know more.