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  1. Anything that is easy to care for and wont break the bank shipping them. I ain't got a lfs so looking on here again
  2. Reefing pet peeves......

    Shipping prices Not having an lfs People that have significant others that support them in their hobby
  3. pulsing xenia price

    Fixed the misspelling. Thanks guys.
  4. pulsing xenia price

    What's the going rate for a 1" - 2" frag? Is 8.99 a good price?
  5. in wisconsin for a few days

    Do they have just supplies. I checked out their site it looked like just dry goods.
  6. Any place worth checking out. Gotta go through Madison too.
  7. white branch looking thing

    is that good or bad and I googled it but no info so maybe someone's yanking my crank
  8. white branch looking thing

    My tank is incredibly dirty. I know it's a bad pic but it's the white tiny branchy looking thing under the shroom, just down and left of center.
  9. I know its a bad pic but what is the white small twig looking thing in the center by the coraline
  10. Signs of a healthy coral

    Thanks. I guess what I should of asked was: Is there visually a way to make sure my corals are getting enough light, food and flow? Is polyps opening up and them having good color a good indication of health?
  11. Shell-less snail?

    I googled it and found some pics. Looks like what I got. Thanks.
  12. Shell-less snail?

    I have this tiny critter a little smaller than a dime. It has antannae and kinda looks like an off-white snail without a shell. I noticed it is eating algae off of my rock work. I tried to get a pic but wasn't able to. Any ideas?
  13. I read on here all of the time of healthy corals and sick corals. I guess I just want to know what are the signs of them being healthy. For example, if i purchase a new zoa how do I determine the best placement? Do I stick it somewhere and if it opens quickly does that mean thats a good healthy place for it. Also, does that mean it's getting enough light. It seems extremely basic to me but at the same time I don't really know what I'm looking for.
  14. what's on my rock

    If it is pineapple sponges is that good or bad?
  15. what's on my rock

    I think it looks like miniature pineapples. They are super smalland there's also clear tube looking things that look like smoke stacks from a nuclear power plant.