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  1. Clownfish pairing problem

    +1,your male shouldn't have changed to female yet! give them more time! let them fight it out! I know its hard to watch your clowns get hurt,but all injuries/ripped fins should heal!
  2. Is this a true Percula?

    1 for true purcula, the eyes make it look as if it is a true percula. darker eyes on ocellaris
  3. Multiple clownfish pairs in one tank

    one female per tank ! no way there can be two females. you can put 4 juvies in a tank, and they might be fine for a year, then two will pair up and harass the others,and then when they are close to breeding they will kill the others!!! they get hormonal, and vicious. unless you have a big tank and can divide the beatdowns to multiple clowns where there are to busy chasing away clowns! but poor clowns. just 2 per tank cuz you might end up cycling another tank! clowns are cool but they suck for that reason unless you need a good reason to get another tank!!
  4. Clown fish Id Help 2nd opinions

    +1 occelaris
  5. Is this baby picasso or snowflake ?

    i vote picasso also
  6. Weird Clownfish

    my little clown recieved a beatdown got shredded fins and about 5% of his dorsal missing, but the dorsal grew back quik., he thought he could overthrow big mama!!
  7. Found Some Pretty Onyx!

    hey betito! i've seen you asking about onyx these last few weeks, glad you found some!! they are bad @$$. nice!!!!!!
  8. Onyx Clowns Spawning

    hey guys,would love to see some more pics of the little guys you bought. i'm hooked on this thread and would love to see how they color up.