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  1. Still stock, really haven't had the funds to make any changes. The pest algaes went away at least. I think in no small part to my blenny. I did lose my yasha gobie though. It was a few years old, i'm not sure on their life spans but i'm sure it's longer than that. Was probably stress from the blenny always nailing it when it came out its hidey hole.
  2. It seems like it is, I don't notice any new growth on it yet. Damn turbo snails demolished my green fuzzy. Thanks
  3. Thanks, Had a bunch of HA again because I been neglecting it for quite a few weeks. I took a toothbrush to it the other day and finally did a water change. Starting to grow on my red branchy macro though.
  4. been a while since i've been on, tank's coming along very nicely. Looking great! glad to see some the sponges survived. Nems are freaking sweet!
  5. Yea I was really surprised. Especially since the tail spot kind of hangs out with the 6 line all day. Seems real social and then BAM nails the yasha goby.
  6. Most the coral seems to be much happier with the warmer water now. Can't really tell a difference in my fish. Tail spot is being a bit of a jerk to my yasha goby. Won't let her come very far out of her hidey hole.
  7. so how does 3.0 work exactly or I should say it's intended use?
  8. Thanks guys, just a couple little tufts on the big rock. I really need to do a water change and hit them with a tooth brush. The red turf algae completely gone, turbo snails ate it all. They also ate some of my green fuzzy. I just need more time in the week. Will have 124 hours on this next check
  9. Thankfully I don't have many snails. They dont last long in my tank. Down to two turbo snails.
  10. Yea, still depressed though. I've always got every job I've interviewed for so it left me feeling a lil inadequate. Brighter note my amazon order came in finally with my 125w eheim heater, coral epoxy and some purigen. Warmest my tank has ever been in the winter. Have my apex programmed to turn it off at 78. Heater set to around there but temp probe before programming apex was showing a little over 79 so i'm not trusting the heaters built in thermostat. From the little bit I got to observe it seemed the corals where happier in the warmer water.
  11. Didn't get the job at buckeye. Manager I interviewed with was a complete dick. Pretty glad I didn't end up working under him.
  12. bam, finally found it, bought it off ebay from a place called island marine life and only payed $12 for it. was a yellow sea whip. also bought a purple plum and red ball sponge off them. .. now to see if they still have a ebay store.
  13. ga for the love of god I can't find where I ordered those gorgonians from.