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  1. fts

    Frogspawn,started out with two heads,now it's about fifty heads. Took about five years to grow. Thank you
  2. fts

    Thanks, it took some time to grow.
  3. fts

  4. fts

    thanks....sucking pic took it with my iphone cam.
  5. saw this tank yesterday at ocean pets in northridge, cali.
  6. Omgicbtgdt
  7. Tanks about 200+gals
  8. I'm running t5's on my 34gal rsm and my birdsnest and monti are doing great.
  9. Your acan will eat if you feed them from time to time
  10. It's lame to name your fish
  11. F@&$ him!
  12. How many gal?