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  1. JonnyJ's Elos System 70

    How did you hang the led strip?
  2. Hope you're doing well.Dude, that sucks!!! I know once you set up the tank again it will look 100x better! In what order did you have the bulbs in the light fixture and did you have the same bulbs from when you first set up the tank?
  3. Super Corals $15.00

    Forget the last post. You are in California. I'll be there Saturday.
  4. Super Corals $15.00

    Are you in Califorina?
  5. StevieT's Red Sea Max Experience

    Have you seen a difference in the corals with the new light? Do you like the light fixture so far?
  6. 60g Cube

    I have a 6x24 pm and I put sps on the bottom! So yeah you can keep sps!
  7. A.G.E. 40"x28"x22" Barebottom SPS dominant

    The reefbrite fixture is a bit longer so I had to make spacers.I also used 4" brackets to mount the led to my PM. Works great because I can adjust the led to point them where I want. About the heat mine don't get hot at all but then again your running mh. I'll take some pics of how I mounted the led and email them to you if you want.
  8. A.G.E. 40"x28"x22" Barebottom SPS dominant

    I added a reefbrite all blue to my ATI fixture too and it does make the corals pop! They are pretty pricey but worth every penny!
  9. Podpimp's SPS SOLANA

    That sucks man,Your tank was one of my favorite!
  10. My clown would do that too... I just gave him away.
  11. Reefer.My reefs got me high.

    Just by it well worth it, Hate to say this but Man up! great tank!
  12. Tunze 9002 and solana 34?

    Does this mod help the performances of the skimmer or just easier to get the air knob?
  13. i am going for a vacation to mexico

    What a stupid comment!