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  1. Wenelyn's BC29 Tank-O-Rama

    Been a while since I updated. Sadly a at the beginning of december my the power got shut off in the tank for 24 hours. When I got home from work and went to look I noticed the lights were out and then when I opened the tank I noticed the smell ( I will never forget it). Fortunately no fish died and after many water changes the tank seems to be fine. Unfortunately my open brain shortly died. It could have been worse so I am grateful in the end. Today I even added some Zoas. Happy NEW YEAR nano reef.
  2. November 2009 - StevieT

    Congrat's and well deserving!
  3. 4 Year Old 40 Breeder

    Your tank makes me happy!
  4. My New 50G Reef

    Nice start, I like the rockwork and can't wait to see how this progresses. Good Luck.
  5. got2envy's 29g T5HO re-mixed reef slope <3

    Beautiful, Gorgeous, and I'm totally jealous of your shrooms and zoas!
  6. Wenelyn's BC29 Tank-O-Rama

    I got my new Koralia 1 powerhead in the mail this week. Thanks for all the advice NR. I decided to add more flow after putting in the Orange tree sponge. So far so good. Hopefully everything acclimates to the added flow. The xenia and gsp seem to like it but I'm not so sure about the toadstool. Hopefully all will adjust and love it in time. Definately less dead spots in the tank.
  7. which powerhead should I get?

    Unfortunately I'm living on a budget, I can't have sps because I'm sticking with the stock lighting for now. Would the k2 be too much flow for my frogspawn? Interesting point I do have the flow deflector on the return so maybe with that I could position a k1 on the lefthand glass and it would do a good job at further disrupting the flow. Great input
  8. which powerhead should I get?

    Thanks pisces and des rat looks like k1 is the fav, hadn't even considered a k2
  9. which powerhead should I get?

    Thanks Nanzo, anybody else?
  10. BC 29 Skimmerless

    I'm running the steviet's media rack without a skimmer in my bc29. So far so good. Not planning on adding one unless something convinces me I really need it.
  11. I want more flow in my bc29 and am having trouble deciding the best powerhead to get. I have softies, lps, and an orange tree sponge as well as a pair of clowns, a firefish, and cleanup crew. The only mods I've done to the tank have been replacing the stock pump with a maxi jet 1200 and using a hydor on the return that rotates to change the flow pattern. No bioballs in the back, just a stevie t media basket. Thanks for your opinions Thinking either a koralia nano (240 gph) or a koralia 1 (400 gph).
  12. My 6 Gallon Fluval Edge - Office Tank

    I was just talking about getting one of these for a zenned out Amano style tank with some tiny schooling fish. I figured the lighting might work for a planted freshwater. I'll definately be following this to see how it works out.
  13. Blenny House II

    Very good idea and it looks good as well. Nice!
  14. September 2009 - mmike1992

    Congrats, you have a beautiful tank and I like the foam wall.