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  1. Very good idea and it looks good as well. Nice!
  2. great color
  3. Definately need a tank thread. Gorgeous.
  4. Very neat specimen. First one I've seen
  5. Those are gorgeous!
  6. I <3 electron microscopes. Great pic!
  7. I so wanta frag!
  8. I really like the way your tank and fuge is set up as a linked display. Is your fuge light on 24-7 or on an opposite schedule as the display? Where did you get your Cheato?
  9. Very black tie;)
  10. Neat idea but I don"t think I could sleep.
  11. Cool duster.
  12. Nice Coco/ Nice composition on the pic as well.
  13. Really neat, never seen one of those before.
  14. Eeek!
  15. Soo pristine and clean...really aesthetically nice.