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  1. moto826

    AquaStyles DIY LED Fixture FS/FT

    You still have it
  2. Sounds cool! I would need to keep my fat friends or my big girl off it thoe
  3. moto826

    botom line what is the best reef salt.

    I use bulk sea salt from grocery store
  4. moto826

    Hillbilly Lounge

    Tank looks good till I seen her lol
  5. moto826

    The Zoa and Paly Club

    Nice every one
  6. moto826

    WTB: 1/15 chiller

    I have a 1/4 hp chiller
  7. moto826

    Kat's Ol' Max

    Those are cool pics
  8. moto826

    got2envy's 15g Zoa and Paly Reef

    Looking great
  9. moto826

    Hillbilly Lounge

    Hurry up slacker
  10. moto826

    Lawnman's Rimless 75 Edge

    I love shallow tanks too. How you been?
  11. moto826

    acclimating beta to SW

    shoot i got a big foot in my pico no wait its my big girl looking for candy
  12. moto826

    Jacob's Elos Mini

    what's up J
  13. moto826

    How deep is your sandbed

    no sand in my tanks
  14. moto826

    What is your occupation?

    i install custom flooring i use to spend about 1000 but now i spend it on hookers and blow
  15. moto826

    Pismo's [14g] AIO-MIX'd cube....

    looks good i liked the angled one you did too