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  1. ion's 29 gallon

    Thank you! The harlequin is really a blast to watch hunt. It is really smart. I have watched it problem solve before. He was trying to pull a starfish up a rock face but it kept grabbing on to the rock. So the harlequin pushed it off the rock, flipped it over on its back, and dragged it back. That's when he started flipping them on their back right away, and I got some shots of that in that sequence. The male clown I got here locally when it was really small, it was only labeled as tank raised true perc, but the pattern does look very similar to a picasso pattern to me. I'm not an expert on how those color patterns and grading systems work though. A LFS won't order you one? I waited for about six months on a waiting list, and I just happened to be in the store when one came in.
  2. ion's 29 gallon

    The harlequin ignores everything in the tank. Fish, coral, the conch, shrimp, crabs, snails, food. Unless it is one of the species of starfish he eats, he really doesn't care that it exists. Thanks! Yeah there were probably 30-40 of them on the back glass. They would couple and exchange gametes. They would fall while this was happening, and then when they finished the let go and then stood up high on their legs, like the machines in War of the Worlds. They kept releasing their gametes into the water in this position too so the water was really cloudy. But after like 10 or 12 minutes they all just stopped what they were doing and starting crawling back where they came from and the water cleared up like an hour later. It was pretty rad. I have had trochus snails mate in my tank and have a bunch of baby snails pretty much all the time, but I have never seen anything like this before.
  3. Great looking tank! love the color you're getting out of those acans
  4. ion's 29 gallon

    I just looked up from my paper to notice that a significant number of bristle starfish had started crawling out of their hiding places and onto the back glass. The water looked really cloudy which was odd because I did a water change this afternoon. But when I got closer I realized that they were spawning. They all climbed up together and piled on top of each other before breaking off in twos, falling down, and mating. I snapped a few quick shots before it was over. The whole thing probably lasted ten to twenty minutes. the blurry thing on the right are two starfish that had just coupled up
  5. ion's 29 gallon

    Nope. I have a peppermint shrimp that shares a burrow with my YWG and they completely ignore each other.
  6. ion's 29 gallon

    If it is tank bred it just might not host. My female is wild caught and she hosts everything, but my male is tank raised and he doesn't really understand the concept. He will sometimes swim near her when she in the mushrooms or something but he doesn't interact with them in the same way. I only have one harlequin so a medium sized chocolate chip will take it like 7 days to eat and then it just hangs out for another 5 to 7 days. After that it will start getting really active and obviously be hunting so then it is time to find it again. They are only like $10 at the lfs so every two weeks is no big deal.
  7. ion's 29 gallon

    Thanks yoshi! I have to trim that mushroom colony weekly. The clown hates it but she hosts almost every, the hammer, duncan, mushrooms, even that little U in the rock in the center up top. And the shrimp is a blast. I would recommend one if you can get a steady stream of starfish. I had literally hundreds of asterina starfish and he consumed them all within two weeks so they need a lot of food.
  8. Blue Demp's 36 Gallon Bow Front

    Good luck with the mandarin! Great fish once it is eating prepared
  9. Blue Demp's 36 Gallon Bow Front

    Tank is looking really good, looking forward to seeing where it goes! I'm thinking about upgrading to a bow-front and yours is making a compelling argument.
  10. ion's 29 gallon

    some more shots of the harlequin and a couple good ones of the watchman. enjoy!
  11. ion's 29 gallon

    Thank you! It is a really cool little creature. He took that starfish behind the rocks and then reemerged about 5 days later, leaving nothing behind.
  12. ion's 29 gallon

    haha thank god for 'em internets
  13. 17.4

    gorgeous. it is so clean you almost don't even notice the glass
  14. nUgZ's 40 Breeder

    those comparison shots are crazy! (I have those same aussies)
  15. The lazarus project, My BC14, back from the dead.

    they look like juveniles so it will be easier to tell as they grow but here is more info