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  1. Feather Dusters?

    Okay, so I just noticed these about a week ago... Been watching and they don't "SEEM" to be spreading out or getting any bigger. They are brown and ugly so my first thought was aptasia but... 1. Their tentacles(?) seem to numerous for aptasia. 2. Anytime anything goes near them, all of the tentacles(?) retract into the little brown tubes. 3. The tubes do NOT retract into the rocks and seem rigid, I haven't poked one yet but they do not wave around in the water.
  2. Prawn Goby

    I had a couple of aptasia starting to stick their ugly little heads up so I went and bought myself 3 beautiful little peppermint shrimp, one of them even had a belly full of eggs! Yesterday I saw a bit of shell and had assumed one of them had molted. Today I found my orange spotted prawn goby eating one of them! All my shrimp are gone and the little jerk didn't even wait till they ate the aptasia first... The rock they are on has zoas, yellow polyps, lots of coraline, and some sponge so I don't want to do the hot water and scrape method, plus they are too little to stick a needle full of lemon juice into. Any ideas?
  3. Purple Gorgonian ?

    It appears maybe possibly sorta kinda I was a little teensy bit almost wrong. Looks like I will be harvesting some Gorgonians next time I dive.
  4. Purple Gorgonian ?

    I'm not talking out my ass, I am a diver who regularly collects and so I know what I am allowed to collect. Please refer to page 14 of the Florida fishing regulations. http://www.myfwc.com/docs/RulesRegulations..._Newsletter.pdf "No more than 6 octocorals, etc, etc, etc" "Harvest of Venus Sea Fan and Common (Purple) Sea Fan prohibited" Then please refer to their definitions. http://www.myfwc.com/docs/RulesRegulations..._68B_42_new.pdf "Octocoral means any erect, nonencrusting species of the Subclass Octocorallia, except the species Gorgonia flabellum and Gorgonia ventalina." Please go out and harvest some Gorgonians and tell the FWC officer who pulls you over that it's okay because they aren't "Big Sea Fans".
  5. Purple Gorgonian ?

    I am a Floridian, and a diver, and I love finding things that I can take home and put in my tank... but... You may want to check what you're allowed to take out of the ocean though before you go taking stuff. You wouldn't buy it from a store if you didn't know if you could keep it, so why take it from the ocean? Gorgonians, also called Sea Whips (and sea fans) are one of the things that you're in no way shape or form allowed to harvest, not even with a fishing license.
  6. Drinking Tankwater

    1. If you were really out in the glades and not next to the dock, that was probably some pretty clean water. The "foul yellow" you describe is just tannins from the leaves and grass decaying. 2. A Z-Pack is usually not the best (or even first) choice for general I got yukky stuff in my mouth. Cipro would be a much better choice and it's one of the first things they prescribe to travelers to take with them in case they eat or drink yukky stuff.
  7. Some sort of plant

    Here in South Florida we get TONS of sargassum floating in every summer. While I will admit that I never saw any sargasso starting out growing off of a rock, this doesn't look like any I've ever seen...
  8. Zoa I.D.

    Got these frags for 10 bucks at a pretty decent LFS. They were just labeled as '10 dollar frags'. My pictures suck but they are nice looking corals. This one is very cool. It's outer 'tentacles' are light yellowish green, the inside is a greyish purple, and the 'eye' is bright orange. This one is greyish green but the outer 'tentacles' are bright greenish yellow, like chartreuse even, and it glows really bright green under the actinics.
  9. Some sort of plant

    I got a little piece of live rock that had a small rose coral and some sort of rock anenome growing on it. Now this plant has sprouted. It started looking like some sort of reddish twig and I was hoping it was some sort of solo polyp but nope, it's a plant... All of this growth is just in the last couple of weeks. The fish don't eat it so I assume it's just gonna keep growing if I don't yank it.
  10. Summer Prize Giveaway

    I love my mandarin
  11. What are these?

    I found a cluster of these white things growing near one of my rose corals... A couple of days later one of them is gone but you can still see the little ring that was surrounding it. This little anemone lives on the other side of the rose coral and he has a hard bony shell that he pulls himself into. At night his tentacles get longer but they don't seem to sting the coral. You can also see a couple more of the "coral seeds" on the rock nearby.
  12. Fish ID

    White with black spots.... Panther Grouper? Black (brownish) with white spots... Marine Betta?
  13. Too many pods!

    Okay, I got rocks, I got some corals, I got some fishies, and I got pods... I got LOTS of pods! I have so many pods that it looks like sand is blowing all over my tank and stuck to the glass... until you see the sand start crawling around About a month ago I went out and did the unthinkable and bought a mandarin... Now he's fat as a horse, just laying around on the couch watching football, and there are just as many pods! I know they are good and helpful, food for fish and all the rest but it's just silly now, I can't show off my beautiful crystal clear water because it's full of little white bugs! I have 4 fish in my BC now and with all my rock I've probably only got about 21 gallons of ater so I really don't want to add too many fish... Any ideas?
  14. Orange Tree Gorgonian in WPB area

    I'd be willing to trade zoas for the gorg but i don't know how to mail corals and keep them alive, etc... I guess I need someone local so we can just trade?
  15. Orange Tree Gorgonian in WPB area

    bump Doesn't SOMEbody want to save this coral from an inglorious death at my inexperienced hands?