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  1. 4 fish, 5 fish?

    Thanks for the compliment on the tank, and no the clowns don't fight, your tank being only 10 gallons is to small that's probably why they are fighting.
  2. LED recommendation for IM 20 Peninsula

    I just went to their web site those lights look great.
  3. 4 fish, 5 fish?

    Who, and why? For op and myself as long as they are nano size fish there's no problem, my tank is even better because of the length, fish like to swim not just go around in circles.
  4. 4 fish, 5 fish?

    I wouldn't add any more fish, although the possum wrasse is very small, I have a 20 long and have a pair of clowns and a lawnmower blenny and 3 peppermint shrimp, and would not add any more to my tank, I also only have an aquaclear 70 and do 2 gallon water changes per week, maybe if you get a nano hob skimmer.
  5. RBTA under led

    Yes it will be going in a bigger tank long before it outgrows the tank it's in.
  6. RBTA under led

    Here you go.
  7. RBTA under led

    Hi, just bought a rbta put it in my tank (fluval evo sea 13.5 gal) he is between 5-6 inches from the light, he opens fully during the day looks great have had him for4 days and he ate some mysis today so he seems happy so far, will the stock light at that position in the tank be good enough he seems to like it where he is he has not moved at all.
  8. Amazing view, my view off my balcony is more high rises,yuck! I'm 9 floors up too afraid to let my cat on the balcony!
  9. First-timer 10 gallon

    That's an understatement ! Should be more like a year for a BTA, they need a mature stable tank.
  10. 12 Watt's of led, what can I grow?

    Hi, I just bought a used home made led fixture it's 2:1 RB/W and 12 watt's total, what do you think I could grow with it, it's over a standard 10 gallon tank, thanks.
  11. Breeding for profit?

    If you had very little spare money and wanted too breed fish for profit, what fish would you breed that would sell well.
  12. My tank is a 15 gallon and is my first marine tank, after having it for 4.5 months now I can say it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, but I really wish I started with a bigger tank, you will want more fish and coral and inverts real quick. I have a video of my tank in my sig.
  13. A warning about salinity readings!

    Everything in my tank is just fine with using a hydrometer for the last 4.5 months now, I don't have sps but I have everything else, fish,shrimp,crabs,soft coral and lps, and I use tap water too! I will get a refractometer when I can afford it though.
  14. Overstocked?

    I have a 15 gallon tank with a 8.25 gallon fuge, and I have a yellow tail blue damsel, a pair of occelaris clowns and the fish are very healthy and happy, you could easily put another small fish in your tank, for 2 more though I would add a sump with small skimmer or a fuge at least to get some more water to the system.
  15. Hi, I have a 15 gal tank with a 24" light from Aquatic Life, 48 watts, it has individual reflectors and decent bulbs, and they are not expensive, I have softies and a hammer coral and they are all doing great and have growth.Check out there stuff, http://www.aquaticlife.com/. You can always upgrade the bulbs later on if you want but I like the ones it came with, if you get a 4 bulb unit from them it would be a lot of light for a 10gal, maybe too much.