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  1. Very beautiful,I love looking down into a tank.
  2. From the research i did i think it's a bullseye mushroom,there are 6 on the rock and the blue stripe makes 7 shrooms and the xenia, all for $30, i think i did pretty good!
  3. My very first coral, this is there first day in the tank,xenia and two types of mushroom, don't know what, any ideas? Thanks for looking.
  4. Very,very beautiful.
  5. The 10 was too small, had it for only 2 weeks and had too get something bigger,and now I still want something even bigger,lol! The scape was changed too, one month old now time too start thinking about what too stock it with. Also painted this tank's background black,much better than blue,and look at all the equipment messing up the view,LOL!