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  1. How to get Coralline to spread?

    Just let it have time it will eventually spread. Just maintain good water quality; low NO3, NO2, PO4 will work great. Keep ontop of maintenance and water changes
  2. beginner coral

    Zoos are a great choice for beginners other considerations are; star polyps, mushrooms, toadstools, most soft corals are very hardy and great for beginners. Good luck!!
  3. My Tank

    Cycling should only be done with a damsel or two in nanos. Don't add any corals especially when there are high levels of ammonia (NH3), even the most minute amount can kill!!
  4. Purpose of an Overflow?

    Overflows are used to take water from the main tank to the sump. They are generally in a box shape in one or the other corner, they can also be purchased as trapezodial overflows but these are generally more expensive going from the floor to the top of the tank. The surface of the water overflows into the chamber then flows down a stand pipe into the sump. It all seeems so complex as a beginner but as you learn more it just gets more simple.
  5. If you had to pick a good shrimp...

    peppermints, fire or cleaner. They are all generally peaceful and suitable for nanos. Peppermint gets my vote
  6. What causes algea blooms...

    Phosphate (PO4) and nitrate (NO3) fuel all types of algae. Keep up on water changes and make sure the filter media is clened regulary.
  7. True Percula Help Needed

    I have two occlearis. I feed them pellet but soon will be feeding some brine or mysis. My clowns ate straight away but its just a first day thing. Don't worry he's just settling in.
  8. How many fish for a 10g

    maybe a dottyback or blennie or boby. Only one fish or maybe two gobies. Just don't get anything big stick with blennie,goby,dottyback.
  9. Micro Bubbles

    Make sure any powerheads aren't blowing water straight into the airstone if you have any ofthese
  10. Having a major algae problem!

    Try to remove it as soon as possible. A severe case of cyano. It needs to be removed at first sight like many people I have told who have noteed that there is a bit of red pink soft algae on the walls and rocks, sand of their tanks. Scrape all of it off the walls and vacuum as much of it out as you can let your tank run for a hour. Then siphon some water into a bucket and clean any filter media thoroughly. Put it back in the filter and lower the light levels.
  11. Quite missing firefish

    If you have any red-pink soft algae get it out. If it is hard and crusty red like coralline it is good. It is easy to tell. Wipe it off with filter wool. then let the tank run for an hour and clean your filters sponges or bio balls, any filter media. It can quickly take over a tank and must be removed at first site. Lower the light levels and happy reefing.
  12. Help I'm new and my Damsels died!

    There must be something wrong with your tank for damsels to die. They are almost hard to make die if someone tried to kill them. I would say that they are from a very bad source. What are your dealers tanks like. Are they specialised in marines or are they a major pet store with a few marine tanks. I cycle my tank with a damsel and I cycled the tank for around 4 months than I took him back to my LFS and I got my 2 Sri Lankan clowns that very day. It has been 6 days since I got them and everything is going great. Read a bit more and good luck on your next attempt. This is an industry where you can potentially lose alot of money and sometimes that happens. But it is an industry that is about finding the problem, resolving it and trying again. I hope you have succes on your next try.
  13. Fish or Coral First?

    I generally add my fish first. The reason for this is, the fish are normally most prone to or develop diseases early after acclimation, if you have a thousand dollars worth of corals and then you add fish that get a disease you will have to pay alot of money to find medicines that are not copper based and if you didn't know that it could be all your corals and invertebrates gone. Don't add all the fish together, add, say the clowns, let them get established and settled in for a month, or a few weeks and also to gradually increase the bio load in which the filter takes on. Then add one goby, wait a couple of weeks and add the cardinal/s, whatever you do make sure that you're patient as this is a very important process. Don't rush it and do research on fish compatibility. When all the fish are added, wait another month and then start to add your first hardy corals and keep building them up week by week until eventually you will have a flourishing reef.
  14. Plumbing help

    The noise could be the stand pipe. I have seen various mufflers available on the market and they work a treat. They look a bit like the collection caps on protein skimmers and sit ontop of the standpipe
  15. 34g solana fish selection

    You definetely wouldn't want to keep a picasso trigger in a tank that size. 50 gallon is even a bit small for the picassos. Too me 75-80 is a minimum. Don't run into the one of the most common and cruel mistakes in the industry. Buying fish when they are small and planning on upgrading or moving them to larger headquarters. There are plenty of beautiful, unique, exquisite and interesting fish that would do great in your aquarium.