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  1. twichstile

    Automatic Fish Feeder

    id like to do pellet food
  2. twichstile

    Automatic Fish Feeder

    Getting Married, leaving for a week, single clown fish to take care of 10g. This is not the first time ive found myself needing/wanting one and i just want to make sure i get a quality/reliable one Any recommendations?
  3. twichstile

    QuietOne 4000 high head

    Im looking for a awesome pump for the money, quiet and efficient(external). I have 6 foot of head and this one, although is MUCH higher watt usage is going to probably better for the SQWD im going to put on top. Is there a better option for the money?
  4. twichstile

    First corals

    Ive grown to not like crabs very much They can be annoying. A tip I got for new coral placement is to start them lower in the tank and work them up but I agree the Zoas look great. If the Torch/Froggy is getting blowed around like hes in a hurricane then yea Id move him but he looks pretty good right there
  5. twichstile

    Algae Frustration

    Continue water changes, possibly increasing frequency Slight decrease in light timer schedule, replacing bulbs if old. Addition of protein skimmer may help Clean mechanical filtration frequently Turkey baste rocks before water change Minimize food to just sufficient levels, particularly microscopic food like phyto and if feeding phyto is necessary dilute it with tank water and perform water change after feeding Dont add any more fish.
  6. twichstile

    Phosphate Remover

    negative pal
  7. twichstile

    Coralife RO/DI

    Thanks for all your help and patience Desert Rat
  8. twichstile

    Coralife RO/DI

    It MAY still be good, the ad says "till Sept 30th or as long as supplies last"
  9. twichstile

    Coralife RO/DI

    OK i'm going to go for this, what pressure gauges do I need to get? Two identical ones before and after filter #1? How much pressure drop do you expect and look for to gauge filter condition? Filter 2: What brand chlorine test kit would you recommend? And I would test the water after the carbon block to see what chlorine may be going to the membrane, or after #1 to see how much chlorine is going into carbon block? ---What exactly makes this unit run so efficiently? It seems the Maxcap canister is a SUPER Di. This unit also has computer..what does it do?
  10. twichstile

    new coral, What is it?

    Thanks Laks! Always got some good reefkeeping mag to share man thank you sir, I rekin i'll toss the logul's solution
  11. twichstile

    Coralife RO/DI

    That sounds really nice! Wow, yea that would be great if a .2 could last a little longer since it costs so much more. So, is this the best way to reduce maintenance cost?
  12. twichstile

    new coral, What is it?

    Logul's Solution is a Kent product I picked up a long while ago,marine depot Since you mentioned the differences I looked on the bottle it is Iodide after all. I didn't even notice that! It says it has Minimum of 11.835% Iodide. But when I look at the ingredients it says "De-ionized water, Potassium Iodide, Iodine" Either way, I am not too fond of just dropping a drop in the tank, I would probably mix it in a cup of tank water like I do with Chromomax and Phytomax and target feed or disperse in the tank. So it would kind of be a diluted solution but yea I do understand that it would be risky with not being able to know how much Im actually putting in the tank
  13. twichstile

    Coralife RO/DI

    Ok thanks DesertRat I appreciate all your help! If I got the new unit should I go ahead and get the .2u sediment filter? I mean .5 is better than what I have but now I am a little more interested in higher quality stuff if I am going to save money in the long run.
  14. twichstile

    Coralife RO/DI

    My city water is lower than that you must be using a pump to achieve that PSI ? Should I look into a pump as an accessory investment to this? Ok, I disinfected 1 and 2 and did as you said with the one at a time replacement and rinsing each one at a time. You know, I may have damaged this current membrane by not rinsing the filters prior to use - the amount of black/purpley stuff that came out when I did the carbon block! Man! So, I CAN just switch to a 90gpd membrane? I found some Spectrapure RO/DIs on marinedepot but most were $200+.. I am inclined to keep this unit.. Even with a new unit I would want to get the .2u sediment. I dont know, I have done lawn mowing commercial/residential for 10years now and I always tell people to ditch homeowner grade trimmer and lawn mowers for even the cheapest commercial grade units because they last so much longer with less cost of ownership and are easier to fix and find replacement parts for. Am in this kind of a situation or could this unit and parts be upgraded to be a quality unit? Should I add some pressure guages? What are their purpose? Edit: Also, my TDS has risen to 7ppm. The DI must be deteriorating quickly!
  15. twichstile

    new coral, What is it?

    oooh I like! Iodine eh? I have some Logul's..