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  1. 1st Rastafarian frag!

    i know that's for me right?
  2. [FS] Getting out of hobby sale

    pm sent on rics and purple acans
  3. WTB: sedra 3500 PU in OC

    anyone have a used sedra 3500 for sale? need one for a skimmer. pickup in socal preferred. thanks
  4. still interested in the sympodium. sent you a pm but never got a response. will try again.
  5. interested in the Sympodium. ygpm
  6. Nano-Reef.com 9th Birthday Giveaway

    Congrats on 9 years! Happy Birthday!!!!
  7. WTB Clove polyps

    are you talking about these? if so 3/4" plug is $10, 1.5" rock and 1 3/4" disc are $15 each. lighting is phoenix15k. pickup in irvine.
  8. Tunze 9002 w/ StevieT Cup

  9. Tunze 9002

    where are you located?
  10. FS: Maroon Clowns & Hippo Tang

    here you go
  11. 3/4" scwd. $20. OBO 2 powerheads. no idea what brand. can be used for mixing salt. $5 each. pickup in irivne. thanks
  12. 1. 2.5" Maroon White Stripe Clown 2. 1.5" Maroon Gold Stripe Clown 3. 2.5" Hippo Tang - hippo tang had hole in head disease from previous owner. i've had this fish on vitamin c for 3 months now. doing fine but there is scarring. $15 each or all 3 for $40. also accepting offers. pick up in irvine. thanks.
  13. fs: maxi mini carpet anemones

    pm sent