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  1. DIY Stand Question

    Are those 2x4s?
  2. Just curious, but what will place in the inTank media baskets?
  3. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Acans all the way!
  4. PLS-50 Elite Protein Skimmer Giveaway from CAD Lights!

    Acans, all day everyday!
  5. Just posted it on eBay. Click on link for more info. http://r.ebay.com/3GHppZ
  6. I actually spoke with him today too. He seems like a really cool guy. And it's pretty awesome how he reached out and took the time to call versus email. To me, that's good customer service, it's nice to have that individual, personal attention. You can't really get that from emails or chats. In any case, he did mention those key points you listed above which provides more reassurance about their products. I'm more at ease than I was before after speaking with him. And what's great is he took my warranty registration 2-3 weeks after I had missed the deadline AND he offered to replace my tank with the newer tanks so that I would be 100% confident in their product. That's really good customer service, putting their customers' minds at ease. Also, Stephen did mentioned he's tried a MP60, 40, and 10 on his personal Nuvo 24 and hasn't had any problems. MP60?! If that's not enough stress, then I don't know what is... In any case, I think Stephen seems really cool and genuine. So, I'm glad I went with this particular brand of AIOs. Plus you have to admit, the design and footprint of this nano is pretty awesome.
  7. Mine is probably to early to tell. I purchased mine through MarineDepot.com. It is going through a leak test in my garage right now. And it's been a little more than a week now. This weekend I'll be testing it with my MP10 running. I plan to run the MP10 on Reef Crest mode at maybe 25-50% strength.
  8. My Non-Cracked IM Nuvo 24 Story

    That's actually pretty reassuring to know that IM really do care about their friends/family. And of course their customers.
  9. Charlie Bit My Finger's IM Nuvo 24

    What setting do you have your MP10 on? And how much power do you keep it at?
  10. Jay's IM Nuvo 24

    What setting do you have your MP10 on? What strength?
  11. Egginis Nuvo 24

    What setting do you have your MP10 on?
  12. FS AI SOL Super Blue

    And that's why it's really at $300. Boom!
  13. I have 2 of these items posted on eBay. Click on the link if interested: http://r.ebay.com/6ctg03 http://r.ebay.com/bPkuRN Details: USED Aqua Illuminations SOL Super Blue (black unit). Great, working condition. Fan may be a little dusty, but you can fix that with compressed air can cleaners. Comes with SOL module, original box, data cable, and power cable. See link for more info.
  14. MiddReef's Nuvo 24

    How do you like the single Vega's coverage on your tank? I have 3 SOL Super Blues laying around and was thinking if 2 would be overkill for this size tank.
  15. EZ's IM Nuvo 24 Build

    Which size EXT rail are you using (6, 12, 18)? How do you like the coverage? I have 3 SOL Super Blues laying around. Do you think 2 is overkill for this size tank?