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  1. And just like that, we have a front runner for the jankiest category.
  2. I have the Pixie 30. Over an IM 10, it spills light everywhere. It fits my rimmed 20L, so it should fit the 2.5. Supposedly, there was an update to the mount design to allow it to fit rimmed tanks. The early reviews are the only ones that mention it not fitting. I don't have any experience with the Asta, but I would recommend that (for a pico) over the Pixie just because of the light spread. I also can't speak to growth (haven't set up the IM 10 yet), but there were several reviews stating Pixie improved growth for all coral types. There's a review on YouTube where a guy tests PAR on the Pixie. It's pretty impressive.
  3. HOB only w/ surface skimmer mods allowed. Simplicity.
  4. Yes, because caring for a coral that may be outside your normal go-tos would be absolutely horrible.
  5. What about a Reef Roulette theme? Random.org could be used to select the number of corals and the species each participant is allowed. I think it'd be interesting and would force people out of their personal comfort zones.
  6. My wife would let the tank inhabitants wither away and die. I wish she had an interest in reef keeping, but it's not Real Housewives of Abu Dhabi or the other drivel she watches. I'd be down for a 2.5G contest though.
  7. No. Probably when the new tank arrives.
  8. Well...just cracked the $#!+ out of the back glass. I was drilling a 1/2" hole for my ato sensor. It was going good until the bit got all the way through, then the front of the drill hit the glass. I didn't think much of it, it didn't seem like a hard hit. Got it inside and noticed a weird line under the vinyl. Fml...I hate this hobby!
  9. Love your tank! The possum wrasse and the sun corals are my favorite. You've got me considering a possum wrasse for my IM 10. Does it stay out and visible most of the time?
  10. Finally got them both drilled for ATOs and filled with sand. Kicked off the cycle with Dr. Tim's a couple hours ago.
  11. They're picky little $#!×s. I've noticed they like being lower on the rock work and in a low flow/ light area. They seem to get annoyed any time something (detritus, sand, etc.) lands on them. So positioning them at an angle to prevent things from landing flat on them seems to help. Also, gentle turkey bastering to get any detritus off of them helps keep them happy. I've had yumas melt away on me for no obvious reason. Once they start gaping and expelling their zooanthelle, it's all down hill, in my experience.
  12. Superglue Gel * Epoxy * Superglue Gel sammich.
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