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  1. Watch out for that one. My Orange Crush Echinata is a stone cold killer. It took out a 12 head Lord colony and a Monte frag in the last 2 months. Good luck and give it some room.
  2. If you think you may want to split them, do it now. I won a frag at our club Christmas party on Jan 3. It had 5 "pods" on a 3" rock. I put it on the sand under 72w PC bulbs and it has covered the rock and is growing down the sides in 2 months.
  3. That is just totally Sweeeet!!!!!
  4. Thanks for the compliments. I'm going to start him off right so then we "have" to buy him his "own" tank.
  5. This is my son Issac and our newest Reefer. I was showing him our tank for the first time and the fish all swam up to say Hi! Or they wanted to make a good impression so that he dumps a whole can of food into the tank...
  6. Thanks for looking. I can't wait to see how big it grows. I was also suprised by how much it has colored up under cf lighting.
  7. This was a Christmas raffle present from my reef club. It has added several new heads and it's color pattern keeps getting more and more interesting the bigger it gets. Grow baby Grow!!!
  8. I have had a soap dish fuge for about a year now and have had better luck keeping the Cheato green and growing after I lowered it about 6 inches from the top and cut out all of the "slats" in the front and bottom to allow more flow. Otherwise, I like your scape.
  9. Those are sweet. The only polyps I can buy locally are brown and maybe occasionally a washed out pink.
  10. Thanks, I'd love to if I could sneak it past my wife. Maybe hypnosis - "you don't see a thing..."
  11. Made it through the 1st year with very few calamities. Let me know what you think I should add or subtract.
  12. This was from nearly a year ago. I ordered 15 small ceriths, 5 large ceriths, 3 limpets, 5 nasserius and 5 nerites and I got at least 50 snails who devoured the algea in a matter of days (Reefcleaners). The tough thing is that they breed - good thing is that there isn't a speck of algea in my tank now.
  13. Honestly, I did't order that many, but there is plenty for them to eat!
  14. I got in on a group buy through my local club and picked up some new colors. Now comes the hard part - where to put them...
  15. The skeleton was showing in several spots on this Green Eyed Favia when I got it and GHA started growing in one really bad spot, but with a little TLC it has come back and is overgrowing the rock I have it on.