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  1. Chaeto w/ Copepods

    Sending a PM now
  2. Overflows - is anyone out there happy?

    I built the famous "diy pvc overflow" on both my 29 and my 40b. Over a year in and not a single problem that wasnt attributed to user error.
  3. Mener77's 30g Breeder

    I really like the aqua scape, I would just be worried about the rock that close to the glass, will make it an SOB to clean
  4. my fairly low tech 40 breeder doin great

    I though about going sumpless when I was setting up my 40b, but I guess I gave in. I just reused the diy sump I had on my 29, so it was an easy decision. Looks like your tank is doing awesome, keep us updated!
  5. Captainbastards 40br!

    Maybe its because I am completely hammered and cannot think straight, but whats going on with the egg crate? I mean, I see that its cut, but WHAT is it cut for? BTW, as mentioned I am completely hammered at this point, feel free to have a mod delete this post so as not to messssss up your tank thread........
  6. My 1/2 gal. SPS tank.

    Thats a really cool idea, hopefully it will work. Ill be following along on this one as well!
  7. Joined the "jumper" club

    Fish somehow find a way to jump out of even the seemingly smallest areas. I lost two firefish through the pond netting covering my tank, AND the slit along the back of my canopy for heat exhaust. Its nuts. Sorry to hear about the six line
  8. Mirage's 40 Gallon Stretch Hex

    Thats an awesome tank, I love the dimensions of it! That eel looks amazing as well. Good luck with the move!
  9. aiptasia?:(

    Small injection of lemon juice in the base of it will kill it very quickly. I left ONE in my tank when I first set it up thinking it would only amount to a couple. Before I knew it they were EVERYWHERE. I killed the big ones with the lemon juice and got a peppermint shrimp which handled the rest with a quickness. Get rid of it sooner than later IMO
  10. attention paintballers

    Nice job with the sale. I got out of the sport a few years ago to save money, and got into this hobby shortly after lol. If I get back into paintball it will be with an Ion.
  11. DIY LED Night/moon Light (Cheap)

    I just picked up two sets for my 40b. Again, thanks for the great idea!
  12. Noonan's 40 Breeder - Rate my aquascape

    Good to see you again, Noon, I am not on ASEC nearly as much as I used to be (evilomen over there). Great looking tank so far!!
  13. DIY LED Night/moon Light (Cheap)

    That is a really decent looking DIY, great job. I will have to go shopping for something like this later!
  14. Yasha Goby...disappeared?

    I just found my wrasse in my sump after a week of being missing. I figured he jumped out and the cats got to him and given up hope. I was in the middle of a water change and there he was. Little guy must have jumped over the overflow wall and took the ride down the siphon. He is back in the DT and much happier. Good luck with the Yasha. I miss mine all the time
  15. 40B question

    For what its worth I run a 150mh on my 40b and am very happy with the amount of light. It almost seems like a little too much light, but the corals seem to like it, so who am I to argue :-)