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  1. bizzarro

    coralife Tri-lamp

    I was thinking of buying some here for $5 but too bad it's not GU10... https://www.marineandreef.com/Coralife_Tri_Chromatic_LED_Tri_Lamp_p/res08631.htm
  2. bizzarro

    Kat's Ol' Max

    I would say it's not necessary, as long as your hose is properly sized and fitted on the barb all the way through, it should take a good amount of force to remove it. Those plastic clamps came with the rena xp canister filters and the hose was somewhat tight and dififcult to push on to their barbed inlet /outlet valve. Years later when I stopped using the filter to clean it up, the hose was stuck and couldn't be removed w/o running it under hot water for 5 minutes. If your set up is that tight and secure then I'd just use it with the clamps.
  3. bizzarro

    Tube like creature

    I sometimes see these turn into mini feather duster worms.
  4. bizzarro

    How to Fight Back When Your Photo is Stolen—

    How often and how many pictures do you search at any given time? If you upload hundreds and when you search nothing comes up who's to say they won't steal it after and does tha tmean you search it again each month? If you're in to photography for profit then watermark them otherwise this is a huge waste of time due to its inefficiency! Where's your photo, I have to see what it looks like for all the trouble you go through online to protect it.
  5. bizzarro

    Exciting! 20 Long Kreisel

    Using a bio filtration is the same reason why you cycle your tank first before introducing more fish. Otherwise later on you'll have a hard time dealing with ammonia and nitrites and if it builds up too much too fast it may end up killing them and that would be too late. I see most one tank designs use low tech sponge filters, power filters, live rock, and wet dry. You'd have more benefit with bio filtration running with it but you may not even need a skimmer running.
  6. bizzarro

    Exciting! 20 Long Kreisel

    What are you going to be using for the Circular kriesel? Isn't there enough room in the 20G to not even plumb it down? I think you're better of using a wet dry or even a power filter instead of skimmers. Wouldn't you be doing water changes anyway where a skimmer is not going to be useful, plus wouldn't it remove the phyto?
  7. bizzarro

    CPR aquafuge

    I have used a zoomed double mini dome lights with 2 3x1W LED bulbs. If you have 30 degree optics it shouldn't spill over much. I changed it to a clamp lamp with a 13W because it reflects more light downward. I have the 150W version but the 75W is a smaller dome and probably be able to fit directly over with much spill. I don't really care for the spill. http://www.homedepot.com/buy/bayco-75-watt...ght-280431.html
  8. bizzarro

    Chromis or damsel

    They look like Bowtie damsels, like any they are aggressive. You may eventually end up with one of them. Mine was aggressive and picking on the clowns so I have to rehome it. It got pretty big and from reading the descriptions they can get even bigger than what mine was. It was about 3".
  9. bizzarro

    Top HOB Skimmers

    I have this one for a 29G, pricey and bulky but does the job. I upgraded from a CPR BK II and it was night and day. http://www.thatpetplace.com/super-reef-oct...skimmer-100-gal
  10. bizzarro

    "hobbyists" are culturing "FEW" coral Species?

    Did some gov't study say the Gulf recovered? After all, they allow sale of sea food caught from the area, so it must be safe!
  11. bizzarro

    Can switching salt kill shrimp?

    How much is 10% of the total volume?
  12. bizzarro

    TO fuge or not to fuge

    you'd probably won't benefit from a small fuge.
  13. bizzarro

    My Arrow Crab lost his head

    Isn't the head by the pointed side? It looks like it's there? At least that's how it looks like from my pic.
  14. People have algae issues with any water listed. I have used filtered tap for the past 4 months with no HA algae, I was using RO/DI before that but I also removed teh substrate to a bare bottom now. I had a terrible HA outbreak but once I removed teh substrate it went away and the water cleared up. I have a fuge with macros and no skimmer. Though the pump clogged and then I have some cyano growth. It's all in how you manage your water levels w/ mechanical, bio, or chem filtration.
  15. bizzarro


    What pump is on there? You're going to get micro bubbles for a few days it shoudl go away. You can try dialin down the air or the water being forced in. I replaced teh stock pump when it died with a MJ 1200 but that was too powerful so I had to buy the same stock pump. I tossed the bio bale too, in the beginning it didn't stop it from entering the tank too and it traps a lot of detritus.