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  1. bizzarro

    Coraline algae question

    I think once you get your parameters in check with Alk and Calc and keep the phosphates low then you'll see an explosion of coralline where you probably wish you didn't...
  2. I guess it depends on what your intentions are, chaeto grows in most conditions period... I follow the DT cycle just to save energy and have 3W actinic bulbs after main lights are off.
  3. bizzarro

    Macroalgae dying?

    Do you have corals in the tank and is it pretty new? In my experienced, it seems high phosphates will contribute to the demise quickly. When I had macros growing fast, coralline algae was taken off too.
  4. bizzarro

    Macroalgae dying?

    How long have you had it already? I usually just let it be even if it withers to nothing.
  5. bizzarro

    Macroalgae dying?

    Yeah that's going to turn clear. Eventually those parts will off and wither away into a mush. If any survive it'll grow from whatever didn't turn clear. I must have purchased over a period of time 6 portions from Petco before one of them survived. Luckily it's only $2/ portion.
  6. bizzarro

    Which inverts are not macro safe?

    Emerald crabs will devour prolifera and most likely anything else similar.
  7. bizzarro

    Macroalgae dying?

    Die off can be normal during acclimation, if it turns clear more that's not a good sign. Are you putting it near the surface where it's exposed and drying up? I've had intense LEDs turn the tips orange.
  8. bizzarro

    Need help killing macro

    Not sure what type of caulerpa you have but I had an emerald crab eat all my c. prolifera.
  9. bizzarro

    Peppermint shrimp always dying

    you should not buy more than 2, they will kill the smaller one. Them ending up disappearing seems normal. That's why I stopped buying them.
  10. bizzarro

    ISO:Micro brittle stars

    There's a few kinds I've had; white with black stripes, red with white stripes and some that are all white and not hairy like the first two.
  11. bizzarro

    6g JBJ macro nano tank

    Is that a worm on the sand bed around the bottom right?
  12. bizzarro

    what to do about this HUGE hairy mushroom?

    The elephant ear I had wasn't frilly on the edges like that and it tried to eat my clown trying to host in it.. I have a frilly mushroom try to do the same but it closed too slow.
  13. bizzarro

    Chaeto, LED, 6500k vs Red & Blue?

    It could take some time to adjust to it or maybe there's not enough nutrients to sustain the growth if this could be triggering it to grow faster.
  14. bizzarro

    Algae Mower Vac review

    It wouldn't be surprising if the rocks had a lot trapped in it.
  15. bizzarro

    USPS Seizing Packages... Help?!

    Did they ship your previous plant with the correct documentation in your other plant order?