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  1. Question for all you evo 2,4,and8 users

    I dont use mechanical filters, I do a .75 gallon water change every monday or tuesday. Ive never had a problem with amonia. Just make sure that your water and salt supply is not giving the amonia spikes. My 1st few tests I had some amonia but once I changed my salt supply it stoped.
  2. Question for all you evo 2,4,and8 users

    I am running an Evolve 2. Its running since New Years. I am running a big clump of cheato with an underwater light. I am running a 21w Cree LED par38 light. Here is my tank, http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/316204-starting-an-aqueon-evolve-2/#entry4200836
  3. Starting an Aqueon Evolve 2

    My live stock list ORA Green Birdsnest Tri-Colored Valida Pink Lemonade Acro ORA Green Slimer Blue clove polyps Nuke Green Zoas Pulsing Zenas Green and blue Shrooms Rainbow Acan Red PPE Zoas Green CandyCane LPS Darth Maul Zoas Scarlet Crab assorted snails a Hiding Pom-Pom Crab Pink Zoas Bi-colored Hammer LPS Assorted Zoas, I dont remember their name
  4. Starting an Aqueon Evolve 2

    new coral and new pics
  5. Question for Aqueon Evolve owners

    Ive been running my Evolve 2 for about a month and I usually add about 4-6oz's ever other day or so. I kept the stock pump it does just fine for my little tank. I love the simplicity of the tank. Very easy to maintain.
  6. I built this light about a year or so ago for my 5.5 gallon nano. I used it for about 5-6months then I had to leave the hobby for a while. It is very bright and works very well. I wanted to leave the housing mostly looking stock. It is equipped with 6-3w Cree LEDS, 3-RB and 3-CW. Its powered by http://www.mpja.com/prodinfo.asp?number=16001+PS and each color is controlled by http://www.ledsupply.com/03023-d-e-700p.php I am moving so I need to sell but please no low ballers. $125
  7. My Aqueon Evolve 4

    Any updates?
  8. evolve4 help

    Im running an Evolve 2, and I love it. Its probally a bit too small for most people but as busy as I am its perfect. The stock light will be fine for softies, shrooms or zoas. I have a dimmable par 38 pendant light on my but its overkill for such a small tank but its dimmed almost in half, I am running LPS and SPS coral . There are some great elvolve 4's on this site, good luck and keep us posted.
  9. Starting an Aqueon Evolve 2

    Yeah since that pic was taken the light is about 12-14" about the tank, I wanted the most simple yet effictive look I could, plus for the price I couldnt pass it up. The arm that its on has the tightest bend it can make with the highest possible position. I also have it dimmed about 40-50% becuase it was making everything melt way. if you are going to run a par 38 on a small tank like this, make sure its dimmable. unless you want to hang your light off the ceiling.
  10. Starting an Aqueon Evolve 2

    Yeah I replaced it with an Orphek Par 38 bulb with a dimmer. Its really bright and I dont want to burn the coral.
  11. Starting an Aqueon Evolve 2

    Some new Frags
  12. Starting an Aqueon Evolve 2

    I got some new coral from some LFS.I got a really nice piece of Green Birdnest and a small frag of Green Slimer Acro. Im thinking of a nice piece of pink or purple acro or some acans on the sandbed.What do you guys think and what would be a good addition to my tank?
  13. Starting an Aqueon Evolve 2

    some new pics of my new coral. some zoa's and a bi-colored hammer.
  14. Starting an Aqueon Evolve 2

    Got some amazing LR and LS, got it running now for 3 days now. Im starting to see a very little algae starting to form. YAY!!! http://i1342.photobucket.com/albums/o769/biggyal66/2013-01-01_22-32-52_89_zps3e08926c.jpg http://i1342.photobucket.com/albums/o769/biggyal66/2013-01-01_22-31-34_91_zps5d59607f.jpg http://i1342.photobucket.com/albums/o769/biggyal66/2013-01-01_22-32-07_226_zps63d82c2c.jpg
  15. Starting an Aqueon Evolve 2

    http://i1342.photobucket.com/albums/o769/biggyal66/2012-12-27_19-55-36_125_zps44826f15.jpg http://i1342.photobucket.com/albums/o769/biggyal66/2012-12-27_19-55-32_200_zps6ef29001.jpg