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  1. Modular full spectrum pendants

    I must say I thought this thread would have gotten more attention. Aquastyle is now offerimg a 49 led kit that fits my needs, sorta. I just got all the stuff for a 75 gal. Now I need twice as many leds. This Is likely to become a build thread.
  2. Modular full spectrum pendants

    The 35 led kit will be part of the plan. It will be the base and have a few more cards added. The purpous is to control all five colors independantly. I want to build 12 inch pendants that are linkable. The idea came about because I am pretty sure my wife wants that tank moved to the front room. I gave thought to the idea of a tank upgrade since I was moving it. If I go from a 30 inch tank to 36 I could add another pendant, 48 inch could get a fourth. So ona nd so forth.
  3. Modular full spectrum pendants

    Really? Where did you get them? Not all Bridgelux are created equal. Bridgelux spreads around thier stars like butter on bread. I am comfortable with the ones from aquastyle because they have proven themselves to me via my previous build.
  4. Modular full spectrum pendants

    I dont own a solar lux, I built a led system with this http://www.aquastyleonline.com/products/Aquarium-14-LEDs--DIY-Dimmable-Kit.html I am interested in buying the system. They are cards that plug into the rest of the cards that are connected to the controller. The handheld will control all lighting including moonlights and fan timers. I understand the bridgelux are not as powerfull as cree but they are still pretty powerfull. The one I already built is not at 100 percent. I will add the other leds as you recommend. I have the space on the cards so why not. I am just asking why the heck I need so much power!?! Holy shiznits.
  5. Modular full spectrum pendants

    Thanks for the response. Lol, NO not at all I want to put 2 pendants over the 29gal. I thing the upper center or right as well. I can add two more of each the blue and white, It fits into the wiring. The Solar Lux can be seen here: http://www.aquastyleonline.com/products/35-LEDs-Controller-DIY-kit.html What I want to do is get a kit like this and a few more driving cards like the fan card and moon card along with some extra channel cards. I dont think I will be just putting the cards in a line. I will be more likely to assemble a breadboard with some header connectors. It looks like it is a standard 8 pin connector. I can drop them into a slotted box of some kind. I want to keep it clean.
  6. Modular full spectrum pendants

    Hello all, I have been lurking and doing a lot of reading about a new led fixture. I currently have an led array built using an Aquastyle 14 led kit. I put this together to stuff into the hood of my Nanowave 9 setup. It is made up of 7 Rb snd 7 10k. Before ripping my hood off of the AIO, I decided to test it out by setting it on top of my 29 gal to see what the heat would be like. Two huge surprises. Very little heat and wow I cant put that 2 bulb T-5 back on there. That fixture has been on there for a little over a year and has done well. Rose tip anemone has done well along with quite a few other corals.As a matter of fact, pulsing xenia has become a darn weed in there. The biggest problem is the fixture is so short, it leaves the sides of the tank dark. If I turn it all the way up to get light to the outside, it melts what is in the middle. I have been very impressed with the power of it. The time has come for me to replace it so I can put a proper length and power of light on this tank as well as get this little jewel put into the Nanowave. After a lot of reading, I have came into a few concerns. My fist concern is about power. One of the topics I read was uglybucklings thread here: http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/311998-full-spectrum-led-layouts/ I think it was figure 6 called out to put two clusters of over a 29. I cant help but think that 44 LEDs seems like an awefull lot when that tank seems well with fourteen blue and whites on it. Sure I could'nt put an acro at the bottom but I can put one in the top and watch all the shrooms and xenia around it melt. lol I took the time to make a few layouts of my own. The catch in the layouts is I need to stay within the parameters of the driving cards available for the Solar Lux digital controler. Each card can power 7 LEDs with the exception of red, they must use less current. In the figure six mentioned above, there would be 8 TV, 16 rb, 8cw so on and so forth. None are devisible by 7, or even 6. The goal is to be modular. Build the system to have the capability to have two 12" pendants with a particular layout. I currently have a 30" tank that 2 12" pendants will cover. Lets say I go to a 36" tank, I could add a pendant. Go to a 55 or 75 I can add more pendants. I want the box to be designed with field connectors so the cords will be not only linkable but expandable. The use of dummy plugs will be nenecessary. The dummy plug will serve as a jumper to a connector in the end. An EOL if you will. First box controls 1 or 2 pendants, second box controls 1 or 2 pendants.Each box will have a single cord to the first pendant, and a cord that goes from first pendant to the second. One cord from box to box.......Or box will be with connectors, box will support two pendants. Cord from each pendant to its controlling box. Here are the layouts. The bottom left is a diagram of what I am using now, a single pendant. I did think about just doubling this and calling it a day. The problem with this is it just leaves to many colors out of the loop. The lower center is the first thought, Just put 7 of each color on each pendant. Wow, that is a lot of LEDs and the cost would be pretty high for a 29 gallon. Be plenty of light for anything you want to grow. Lower right is a cut down version that has the same number of LEDs as uglybucklings fig.6 in the post listed above. The problem with that is I would have to buy a lot of extra driver cards. You wind up with 8s, and 10s for LED counts. Just dont seem feasable. Upper left is cut down to managable numbers to wiring to the cards, but would have to put the reds and whites on the same driver. We would have a little loss of control. Not to mention the disco effect. Upper center is the first thought of clustering. It would leave a little disco effect, which I dont mind. It is cool with just the white and blue but I dont want to get carried away with it on a lot of different colors. Upper right is the last thought, same as before but a little tighter clusters to minimize disco. What do you think? Will one of the upper center, or upper right work? or should I go another direction? What about these Solar lux moduals? I dont hear much about them on here. One of the things I noticed is the fact it has a 24v input so I assume it is 24v out. Says each card is 650ma. since VxA=W that would be 15.6 watt. At 3 watt each that would be 5.2 LED. Am I missing something, or do these things have a higher output voltage than 24?
  7. Whats wrong with this complete kit?

    Ordered my kit last sunday and recieved it the following monday. One question though. I am putting this into a nanowave nine. I am using 7 whites and 7 blues. Should I use the optics or no. Seems like I should go without and add an optic to spots I want the light intense, like over a maxima or something? Or should I be ordering some other optics? The question came to me as I read reviews on the ecoray fixtures a friend of mine ssent me a link to. Those things have 60 degree optics and are like a spotlight. I gues I was misunderstanding what the optica are. I was under the impresion that an optic spread the light at the angle of the optic. Yhis may not be true?
  8. Hey all, I am planning myself out an aquastyles led mod into my nanowave nine tank. First off I seen on the site that I could opt for the meanwell drivers instead of the cheap ones....Is it worth it? For my taste I dont like things to be super blue looking so I was thinking I might just go with a fifty/fifty split of whites and blues and and probly do half 6700k and half 10000k. This could make for a strange aray though.......good/bad idea? Furthermore, in this little tank I really shouldnt need the optics should I? My idea is that I could get an extra driver and put each type of led on a different driver for fine tuning, and mount the leds in clusters. So, if say I want to put a clam in a certain spot that needs more light, I can just add an optic to an led over top of it.... Is this good thinking or is it just overkill on a little tank? Or......Should I just go with the standard ol half blue half white evenly spread? Also, what do you guys think about this heat sink? http://www.nanotuners.com/product_info.php...products_id=673 Says it can handle the leds, but wont all that heat build up and eventually heat up the water? part of the idea of this is to deal with heat issues. Array Ideas b+blue y=6500k w+10000k 1 w y w y w b b b b w y w y w 2 b y b w b y w b y b w b
  9. Brown Button Polyps - Dead?

    You could leave those things on the dining room carpet over night and let the cat eat them and ppop them out. They would still be fine in a couple days. Probly have a hundred of them in a month.
  10. cooling a college dorm tank

    Dont run your tank water through a copper line like what was in the video. Very bad Idea!
  11. Octopus Babies!

    Thanks, I will get some pics up if I can get back over there. Think I might take some for a fifteen I have running.
  12. Octopus Babies!

    sorry, At my buddies house and I cant get any good pics till the weekend. They are for sure tiny octopus though, you see them pretty well.
  13. Octopus Babies!

    Ok, WE were in a pet store several months ago and my buddy seen a little brown octopus real cheap and just could not resist. He put it in a little tank and it hides alot and a ####load of crabs, ghost shrimp etc...We dont see it for weeks and bam, last night he finds at least fifty baby octopus all over the tank. Now we know mom is a gonner but what can you do to feed the babies? Copopods, and live brine babies? We want to get a few of these to live, Its madness! This is why we enjoy the saltwater I suppose!
  14. What is going on?

    Just seems odd that I have had really good zoas colonies for so long and then all of a sudden, Bam!
  15. What is going on?

    Hello all, I thought these dudes were isopods, but they seem to want to congregate on my zoas and it does appear to be destructive. The biggest loser is a set of Pink zoas (in the corner of the one pic) that have been happy and growing for over a year in the old nanowave 9. All the water parameters are normal and nothing else has changed. I have several colonies of zoas that started not opening so I moved tem to hospitol tank where I soon seen these ittle guys. All of my zoas are suddenly dwindling and this is all I can find. I have seen no pox, nudies, spiders, nothing! so what do you think?