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  1. Stopped by an LFS today while taking some stuff to our new place and they had some nice plates. Never thought of putting them in a tank myself but they are great looking coral!
  2. This is exactly what I mean, though. If your LFS is running copper constantly it actually could be making your fish sick. I would have assumed it would have shown symptoms in the store, but perhaps chronic exposure in this breed of tang has delayed symptoms. If it is parasites though, you need to treat your tank, not just boost your fish's immune system.
  3. Why would you think your fish are carriers? Because they aren't sick and haven't been but your new fish is? The one fish rubbing along the rocks when you first got it back last year could have just been stress/irritation/getting used to the new tank. My guess is the fish that you just got is sick. How do you know it came from a copper tank? Do you know how often the treatment occurred? Copper can and will kill parasites but only if dosed properly. Copper can also kill and injure fish, especially gills and fins, nervous system, kidneys and liver. Copper can also suppress the immune system after prolonged use. If the tank was constantly under copper treatment, it could be that the fish is suffering from copper toxicity.
  4. Well it would not be rotten at that point, and the bacteria that are responsible for making us sick from rotting food don't really like salt water and are not likely to make the fish sick
  5. What is in the herbivore blend? Thawed may not be a huge deal.
  6. To re-reef or not to re-reef; that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the wallet to suffer.

    1. Christopher Marks
    2. Christopher Marks

      Christopher Marks

      Surely 'tis better to re-reef, than to never reef at all?

    3. tibbsy07


      Yeah, but my guitar needs some upgrades ;)

  7. I know. You have plenty of live prey in there. Just sayin' And then it would quickly become a species-only tank...
  8. You should get cuttlefish
  9. 30Q

    I dig the tank jbb! Did you drill the tank yourself? I'm also confused as to what you meant by the line at the seam for your ATO system?
  10. It's possible, but the cost may go more than I want for the tank size. We'll see. I'd really prefer a drilled tank with a sump instead of an AIO, but drilling such a small tank doesn't really make that much sense.
  11. Not sure. I would like one, but it'd have to be a pico again and I'm just not digging the tank options for that size. Still mulling it over.
  12. We ended up telling the HOA to shove it. We weren't breaking any rules. The people who complained have a dog who is worse and we politely pointed it out. I'll be damned if I have to give away a dog for being a dog. It ended up being a better situation for him while we finished our lease here for Tucker to go live with my parents and they had to put their dog down last year. They've enjoyed him and he loves it there, so it's been good for a few weeks. Now to try and get a tank again...
  13. He's with my parents on a vacation for a bit. We're moving in a week and found a house to rent with a HUGE fenced yard, so he'll be rejoining us soon, which I canNOT wait for. I miss that pooch something fierce.
  14. Ha, good! Just enjoying the kid.
  15. Nm, just loving life with the kid. About to move into a new place, perhaps start a new job. Lurking here occasionally. Getting the tank bug again Ran an idea by the boss and she literally laughed and said "Nooooope."