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  1. No go for me. Trying to save for a house and school for the kiddo. Ran the numbers tonight for the tank and it's not a responsible choice with what we're trying to save for. I'll enjoy everyone else's tanks instead
  2. LED fixture controllability - overrated?

    Needed? Nope. Useful? Yes, depending on your tank inhabitants and requirements. Worth it? Up to the individual
  3. The intank MB aren't the exact dimensions, though. They don't account for the glass that separates the rear chamber from the display, and they aren't an exact size for the chamber they go in either. I think the display ends up being like 11.8"x17"x13" if I calculate correctly. I mean the dimensions of the display, specifically how much space the rear chambers take away from the 20" length part. I think it's like 3" I just wanted to see if anyone knew exactly what it was.
  4. What is the display area dimension of the 14g? I know it's 11.8" wide, 13" high, but how much space does the rear chamber area take off the 20" length of the tank in terms of the display?
  5. I thought there was a grace period. I hope there is because IF I can convince my wife to let me do this, I doubt I'll have the tank and everything needed by the 10th.
  6. TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - GBG's are here!

    Is the puffer going to the 40 later? I thought they needed more space than the 10g provided. I'm asking for a friend who might do a 14g peninsula reef contest...
  7. I'm still a newb. Besides, I have to convince my wife that this is a good idea.
  8. Images don't bother me and people can keep them all they want, but I've had nothing but trouble from hermits in my tanks so I do not keep them.
  9. i hate hermits. HATE. HAAAAAAAAAAAATE.
  10. Pff, I'm a newb who can't decide on anything so even if I DO join, it's likely to be empty at day 100, lol My bad. Sorry for the snark
  11. How can one be a pseudo- or quasi-contestant? You are either in the contest or not. The contest rules say 14g peninsula tank and the current orbit light, right? 20g doesn't meet that criteria. If you bought the setup a few weeks before the contest was announced but didn't set up the tank until now, enter. Otherwise, you'd be well ahead of the normal 100 day span.
  12. Ninja's Red Sea Reefer 350 ~ mid life crisis ~

    Stopped by an LFS today while taking some stuff to our new place and they had some nice plates. Never thought of putting them in a tank myself but they are great looking coral!
  13. Tang Immune System

    This is exactly what I mean, though. If your LFS is running copper constantly it actually could be making your fish sick. I would have assumed it would have shown symptoms in the store, but perhaps chronic exposure in this breed of tang has delayed symptoms. If it is parasites though, you need to treat your tank, not just boost your fish's immune system.
  14. Tang Immune System

    Why would you think your fish are carriers? Because they aren't sick and haven't been but your new fish is? The one fish rubbing along the rocks when you first got it back last year could have just been stress/irritation/getting used to the new tank. My guess is the fish that you just got is sick. How do you know it came from a copper tank? Do you know how often the treatment occurred? Copper can and will kill parasites but only if dosed properly. Copper can also kill and injure fish, especially gills and fins, nervous system, kidneys and liver. Copper can also suppress the immune system after prolonged use. If the tank was constantly under copper treatment, it could be that the fish is suffering from copper toxicity.