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  1. then buy it
  2. You were smart. Now you have an excuse not to frag it
  3. Nice remote.
  4. Damn you other Ben, you beat me to it. Looks good man.
  5. Watch out for that algae o nthe top right. It's a bitch.
  6. looks like a reg red shroom to me
  7. That tang does look pretty big. Not that a smaller one would be better.
  8. What type of light you running?
  9. Less rock, more tang.
  10. What the ####. So sick.
  11. This is me hating you.
  12. Did you change lights? Nice looking acan!
  13. Sooo...The Red Ghost == Kraylen. Got it.
  14. How'd you get the nem off the rock?
  15. Crazy sweet acans