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  1. I have 6 bulbs that have probably around 4 months left on them. Might have some more with a little more life. PM me if interested.
  2. I don't see anything in there but algea, LR and a couple fish. I'd pull all the LR, dry it out. Clean it as best as you can, then re-add it. Put a couple pieces of cured LR in there to get it going.
  3. In all seriousness, I'd go $135 + shipping. It may be new, but it comes from you (not a store) and probably doesn't carry a warranty.
  4. I got new media for my Spectrapure ProPlus recently (couple months ago). My OUT TDS was reading 1 on my dual inline (although the handheld still read 0), but I decided to get new ones anyway.The IN reading was aronud 2. I went with the high capacity filters because they seemed like a good deal. Since then my IN TDS has read around 4 and the OUT reads around 2. I contacted Spectrapure and they offered to send new media if I ship the old media. They were very nice about this. My understanding is that the IN reading is into the membrane and OUT is out of it. I'm wondering if I need a new membrane too since the OUT is 2. I tried asking the support e-mail that initially responded to me issue about the membrane, and he seemed rather uninformated and recently kind of rude (maybe just how I am interpreting the e-mail). He informed me that SpectraPure doesn't make a Pro Plus unit, so he had no way to know what the readings meant. Later I told him it was indeed fro them and that I think the IN is a reading into the membrane and OUT is a reading out of it. He replied that I would need two TDS meters to know about the membrane and that I appear to only have one. Spectrapure provided an installed dual TDS meter, so I am not sure what he means. I've only dealt with the e-mail support and will be calling tech support later to get an RMA. I'll ask them too, but thought I'd pose the question here as well.
  5. I run Coral+, Blue+, UVL Super Actinic, Blue+. Blue+, Coral+ back to front.
  6. I had a purple strip that terrorized my clownfish unti lit jumped out of my BC29. Also ate my cleaner shrimp.
  7. Looks like #### imo. The overflows look like crap, the craftmans ship looks shoddy. It also looks like it is bending lengthwise in the pics by being propped on 2x4s. I also don't trust those large panes with no bracing.
  8. There is a whole article about it on that blog that RC hosts. Don't recall the name. I think it is calcium carbonate. Can't recall.
  9. If you mix it with the heater off and then heat up the water, this isn't as big of a problem. The precipitate comes when the heater is on.
  10. The overflow plastic looks fairly stressed from being bent. Maybe it's just the lighting. Look crappy imo, sorry.
  11. I'm going to e-mail a Wine Country Reefers member.