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  1. Chris' 2.5 gallon AGA

    thats awesome those are some sweet zoas!
  2. Chris' 2.5 gallon AGA

    thats awesome you should take some close ups of the coral!
  3. New 2.5AGA

    anything new?
  4. New 2.5AGA

    so any updates when do you plan on a C.U.C? we need some more FTS:)
  5. New 2.5AGA

    that thing looks wicked!!! i wish i had one how is the temp now?
  6. New 2.5AGA

    looks awesome can't wait to see how that ice probe will fit on there
  7. McNasty's 24 aquapod

  8. DIY skimmer

    wasnt compleat in the pic i still need to put a riser tube on it and i need to get a smaller pump for it
  9. DIY skimmer

    this is the first skimmer i ever made the 1200MJ is too powerfull though
  10. step by step led build

    it is nice but i think i could have done it not as nice but i've done some tig welding
  11. step by step led build

    i had some one TIG weld it at honeywell for free:)
  12. Evilc66's 40B

    is it ok if i use this idea for my led build? I've been trying so hard to think of a hood for my light and this just looks so awesome. I pinkie swear it won't look as good as yours
  13. step by step led build

    i have done taping in school but i think it was the pore quality taps that was more of the problem i did use oil and i did back off every 1/2 turn and half way trough i would take the tap out and clean and oil it again the #4 tap is so small and it was very brittle i couldn't put any tention on it at all
  14. step by step led build

    so i just got done taping 64 holes. boy what a pain that was and the taps kept breaking but here are some pics of one led mounted tomorrow i'll be getting thermal paste and mount all of them then start to plan on how i'm going to wire it up
  15. McNasty's 24 aquapod

    here is an update of the tank