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  1. price update to reflect the lowest I will take
  2. no response from the pending buyer, so i'll take offers on the sunpod
  3. The sunpod is pending, but I can still take names incase this buyer falls through
  4. PM sent, and I understand the give and take, wifey is making me do that with my new alienware rig...
  5. sure the hold is there, and i ran maybe fourty or fifty gallons through it, i haven't used it in about a month or month an a half, but I did make sure the membrane is still wet.
  6. Want to sell a 20" sunpod, 150w, has a 2 month old phoenix 14k bulb. 110 shipped OBO Also have a bulk reef supply RO/DI system, SOLD
  7. What are you looking to pay for it? I have a 16.5 inch 150w one with a 2 month old 14k phoenix bulb, with the legs for it and everything
  8. This item has been sold, mods please close
  9. You're right, it is a sweet laptop, still plays most games on high to medium. The gaming on an 11" isn't bad, its got an hdmi out, and has no problem pushing to my 32" tv. I just bought the top end m14x so I need to lose one of them.
  10. Asking 650 OBO plus shipping Intel core 2 duo - 1.30 ghz (Overclockable to 1.73 ghz) 4gb Ram 500 GB HardDrive Nvidia 335M Graphic Card 1gb standalone ram on the card Bluetooth 3.0 chip inside the compute 3 usb 2.0 ports, hdmi port, ethernet port, display port, vga port, 9 in 1 card reader. This laptop is the alienware netbook, I have never had a problem playing the newest games on medium to high settings. I purchased this item in june of 2010. It is black, there is pretty much no cosmetic damage at all, no scratches on the screen or anything. Asking 657 OBO. This will come with the windows install disc, and it has a clean install on it right now. I have updated all the \drivers and things last night. Mods, if this is not allowed I'm sorry and feel free to close.
  11. if you do have to check the ballast, it is on the inside of the unit itself, I'm not sure if it says on it or not, I didnt look too closely when I had my sunpod torn apart.
  12. i have the bulk reef supply 5 stage plus system, and love it. its not the one you're looking at, but its the only one I have used.
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