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  1. Koralia #1

    Its a 750 gph

  3. Koralia #1

    Newer model koralia. No box. 30$ shipped.

    Two sensors, no box, manual included. 50.00 shipped USPS priority

    lol holy GSP!... looks pretty sweet from the top down though. good luck. if i were you i would scrape the glass clean of it, discard it, and let the rest remain. so u would be able to atleast see inside the tank lol
  6. [Biocube 29] RedStang's Build Thread

    Niiiice. Can never go wrong with a pair of ANY clowns. Hopefully they become mated pair down the road.
  7. Megability's BioCube29 Build Thread

    Looks awesome. Need someone like u to come tske some sweet lookin pics of my tank. So uve got all that corak doing that well over stock biocube lighting?
  8. Coastie5685 29G Biocube thread...

    phosban reactor. I was able to fit the maxi jet into the first chamber. Ive got GFO running in it now. I switch on and off from GFO and Carbon.
  9. bosco's biocube 14 x2 thread

    Man these tanks look awesome. And the rock looks full of life and coraline. Looks good. Any plans to.upgrade lighting, what about corals.
  10. Pm sent 14k pheonix... I dont think pheonix makes a 20k bulb..
  11. FS: JBJ K2 Viper w/4 bulbs

    Deluxe model by any chance...
  12. Biocube HQI vs red sea max 130d

    i was looking into the RSM as well. couldnt find anyone who upgraded the lights and didnt have to put a chiller on the tank. BUT at the right price i dont think i would pass up an RSM. They just look so damn sleek. I heard they are a pain to try and get in the back filtration area to clean..
  13. Coastie5685 29G Biocube thread...

    so ive got the jbj ATO in the mail on its way. anyone with an ATO how can i set this thing up. i have a maxi jet 1200 that i use to currently mix my salt. i was going to use tubing to pump that up to the tank into the third chamber as that is where the sensors will be. worried about back siphoning. i know i can keep the hose out of the water or put check valve on tube...
  14. Hravanii's BC14

    welcome! and agreed on the softies. careful which you introduce into that tank they can become pests. cant wait to see the LED upgrade as well.
  15. living room reef

    replace the bulb on the viper! lol and +1 it would be sick to see the zoas grow up that tonga rock. Looks good man. idk if it is me but the light looks almost as if its pointing to the front right side of the tank mainly. the back doesnt look so well lit.