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  1. corals couple of already acclimated and loose frags, one is a ricordea yuma forgot the other Armor of God frag brain coral frag blue muchrooms (I got 3) sps frag frag of 3 watermelon zoas and I got a some mint chip zoas and a hammer coral that I haven't been able to get a good pic of yet
  2. Hard to say, I know I haven't been getting shocked when I do the weekly changes before this time. On another note, I got a BUNCH of new corals Once they acclimate and open up I'll have some new pics
  3. Wow never knew. Clown goby does like the milli quite a bit. He loves caves too, always creepin somewhere So I was changing the water the other day and as I'm cleaning the glass I feel a sting...hmm maybe a piece of coral? or was it a shock? ...um yea Marineland Steath heater got me. So I got a new heater to replace the recalled Marineland 50w
  4. How do you know it's female for sure? lol The Purple Milli is alive and doing well, seemed to fair the tank changes. (old pics here http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...&p=2369304) As for the ORA blue Tort it's making a comeback but it's looong road. LOL
  5. ^This. And there's no way you searched lol Normal USA next day shipping is at least $30, more often $40 these days.
  6. Well I needed some snails and CUC members but pet store didn't have much too choose from so I ended up with some other new creatures lol Yes I still need snails too new crab also got a yellow clown goby but he's hiding yet so I can't get him in a pic I'm about to go feed the tank with this new CYCLOP-EEZE stuff I got in the mail today. Everyone raves the corals and fish will go nuts for it, we'll see. Tank pics to come..
  7. Oh we're well over a year lol started this thread/tank Feb 1 2009. I'll try to get some pics, not much to see... 2011 was a tough year for this tank. I just travel too much for work now to be able to keep up on it every week or more. Also had a power crash in 2011 and that killed my ginormous frogspawn with about $500 of other coral pieces. I need to get some new CUC members too
  8. Nice setup and the tank is coming along nicely
  9. All I can say is wow, I am super jealous of this tank!! Nice job!! Twice a week h2o changes!! Holy smokes, I travel for work so once a week is a major task