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  1. Great looking shot! Color and composition are spot on...
  2. I would probably get that monty up off the bottom a bit and add a little more rock. Other than that, good start!
  3. Great colors! Nice photo...
  4. Cool shot!
  5. Looks like a good plan to me. Better too sturdy then not sturdy enough...
  6. Yep, nice shot!
  7. +1 I cut the brace out of my tank and replaced with plexiglass. Worked just fine!
  8. Great specimen! Very nice photo!
  9. Great collection of colors. Looks awesome!
  10. Exactly! lol
  11. Wow! Nice shot! Great color!
  12. That's pretty cool. Good job.
  13. Super nice piece!
  14. Nice looking planted tank!
  15. Excellent looking tank! Well done!