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  1. Is this hurting my Devil's Hand Leather?

    Remove it with a razor blade. Then put a chunk of epoxy where the stump was to smother it from growing back. Reattach it to your rocks with a dab of super glue gel. Simple as that...
  2. Oceanic salt = junk ?

    +1 to Reef Crystals! Very successful using this with minimal dosing...
  3. Best tank size for a new nano-reefer

    There is definitely a learning curve to this hobby. I started out with the 29 bio cube. I had some success, some serious failures and in the end it just wasn't big enough. I'm glad I had a smaller tank to get me though some crashes and screw ups while I learned. Much less to lose in a smaller tank and worth keeping in mind. I ended up almost doubling in size to a 56 gallon and I have to say the bigger tank is way easier to keep. I've had very few problems with it since I upgraded. I'm not sure if it's because of the larger size or I just got better and more experienced over time. My suggestion would be go with something like the 40b from the start. That size will keep you happy for awhile without going too big.
  4. Blue Ric

    Great looking shot! Color and composition are spot on...
  5. April 2012 Reef Profile - Marc3Lo19

    Great looking tank! Congratulations!
  6. Taking bio-bale out of Bak-Pak

    I don't have first hand experience with this skimmer but I looked at the pictures of this and it appears it would work just fine without the bio-bale. It's only in the return chamber and wouldn't effect the performance of the skimmer IMO. You may have some micro bubble issues is all I can think of.
  7. 37G Shallow illuminated Reef tank

    Tank looks fantastic! I kind of like these shallow set ups. Well done!
  8. Reef scaping

    I just get a bunch of rock and start playing around and trying different configurations. Coming up with something that looks somewhat natural is key. It's also a good plan to take pictures as you go. That way you can recreate a scape that you liked along the way. Just be creative and it will happen...
  9. Back in business

    I would probably get that monty up off the bottom a bit and add a little more rock. Other than that, good start!
  10. monti cap browning in center

    Is it the tissue that is turning brown or is it something on the surface? I'd be more concerned if it was turning white. The pictures are pretty good but I just can't tell...

    Use both if you can. Cheato is a little more difficult to house if you don't have a refugium.
  12. algea question

    It never really stops completely. Keep up with your water changes and eventually it will slow down.
  13. up close

    Great colors! Nice photo...
  14. radion leds over kill for 29g biocube?

    Yep, I'd say would be plenty for keeping those IMO. I have the Sol on a 46 column and I'm pretty happy with it so far.
  15. newbie

    I've heard they sting but I've never experienced that. Surgical gloves would work fine.