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  1. Yet another LED build thread

    Glad to help
  2. Yamato's LED build

    Looking good!
  3. Yet another LED build thread

    It's not that blue, it's perfect for me, I would think it's about 12kk-14kk ish, since it's not as blue as my 20kk 250W XM bulb. I love the flow.... hehe, and I actually added more just recently. From that video, I have Maxi 400 coming from the left nozzle, Maxi 600 coming out from the right nozzle (chiller return), and a Maxi 1200 hiding behind all those rock work. I recently took the Maxi 1200 out and replaced it with a K-Nano, coz once a while my pistol shimp would pick up the sand and throw it at the 1200 which the 1200 spitting it back out all over the place. So now I have even more flow with the K-nano and I loved it, although now I got a little sand dune at the corner because of that.
  4. Summer Prize Giveaway

    Clown Fish, that's what got me into reefing long time ago. Although I killed couple of them, but RIP. Nautilus is one of my fav also, it's such a mystery creature. What also interest me is that its shell presents one of the best example of the natural occurance of logarithmic spiral. Which a lot of man made designs are based off of that.
  5. Yet another LED build thread

    I didn't even notice a lot of the replies in my thread are gone due to site crash..... oh well..... thx eyou, and yes it is much cheaper then RKL and ACL, you just have to put your brain to work for a little to work some kinks out. Building a full controller do require some initial planning when you are using PICs, you will quickly run into timing and display of data problems. Sometimes it's not as easy as you would think comparing to your PIC classes in college, but it's not hard either. Also, yes I am 15 LEDs with 2 1000mA buckpucks, actually 16 LEDs now. 6 royal blue running off 1 buckpuck so each of them run at 1000mA. And 10 LEDs running 2 sets of 5s in series for the other buckpuck, so that's 500mA to each of these 10 LEDs which consists of 8 white and 2 UV.
  6. LED arrays with controller [build]

    Usually the LCD screens will require that many I/Os. If it's a only a 3-wire/4-wire setup, then there might be another controller build in with the screen already, all you need is sending high level commands and it will work just as good. The drawback with a 3/4 wire setup is that you have to have interrupt in your main program to send high level commands out, otherwise the timing will be wacky. That's what happened with my setup, when I tried to add the LCD with a built in controller, my whole program needs to be changed, so I kinda scrapped it because it was running way too slow at that point.
  7. hi is the MP20 sold? did you get my PM? thanks.
  8. Comprehensive DIY LED Project List

    You seems to forgot mine... my setup is in my link Seems like everything I did will get forgotten one way or another, interesting...
  9. Arduino dimmer and timer for LEDs

    There are so so so many LED drivers out there, why would you want to reinvent the wheel and still use resistor to control LED current? check website like Maxim, National semiconductor, you can just pick out anything that is as simple as using a resistor. Interesting why a lot of people like to use Arduino as a controller, anyways, if anyone want ideas, feel free to check out my setup.
  10. New LED on the horizon

    unfortunately, the MC-E is still wayyy too expensive to be used over a large area, especially in our application where coverage is just as important.
  11. Yet another LED build thread

    I finally got my quantum sensor the other day, but I am kinda of busy these couple days. I will have the numbers soon, please stay tuned.
  12. this will answer your question.
  13. The Next Step in DIY LED Lighting

    Psychographic: if you want to program the controller, you will need a computer, but just running the setup you don't need the computer. ls7corvete: could you elaborate on why you would prefer ethernet setup over LCD? do you mean if you want to change any setting, you need to turn on the computer? although ethernet/wifi/rf/bluetooth capability may be offered as an expansion module in a later time. also, remember remember, this is probably going to be offered as a DIY project, we are just going to provide a parts list, plans on how to build it and such, and you have to build it yourself. It is more then likely that this is NOT going to be offered as a complete finish product, which means, basic soldering skill and equipment is needed; basic computer skills is also needed to finish couple simple tasks.
  14. The Next Step in DIY LED Lighting

    sorry if you read the manual, you are a step above the average person already. can't help it carry on...