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  1. Used for around 6 months. Very good condition. It ran flawlessly and it is a very trustworthy auto-top off. Breaking the tank down for a move and I won’t be needing this. Asking $50 plus shipping.
  2. Breaking my tank down for a move. These were usd for around 4 months and are still in perfect condition. I would like to them all as a group but would be willing to part out. I have more more pictures if anyone would like to see them. The upload limit hampers a lot of detailed pictures being added. Id like $70 plus shipping for everything. Individual prices will vary. inTank Media Basket: Fuge Basket: Floss Holder: JBJ NanoGlo Fuge Light:
  3. Used from March-September of this year. Bought new from Marine Depot in March. It has been very well maintained and cleaned regularly. All protective materials were left on and everything that came with the pump originally will coming with it, including extra zip ties, foam guard, manuals, packaging and rubber spacer. Operates flawlessly!
  4. I used this for about a month, my system really didn’t need it. It has been in its box for the last few months while I watched my tank just to make sure I wouldnÂ’t need a skimmer before getting rid of it. It is in perfect condition. The skimmer will come with everything that it did when new, including manuals and cleaning brush. I am asking $80 Shipped.  Located in Lexington, Kentucky. Â
  5. Hey, thanks! I think you will be really happy with the tank. I bought a JBJ fuge glow LED light and an inTake refugium basket for the tank. I've got chaeto in the fuge and have the light on a timer to be on when the main tank lights are off. I think it really helps things out, despite its small size.
  6. Pre-water change too down shot. With the pumps off, this is one of my favorite views. If you look closely, you can see a new guy who is on a trial-adoption.
  7. Duncan will most likely be fine. Try feeding the Fire Shrimp before the Duncan to hopefully fill him up and keep him distracted. Giving them a big piece of shrimp usually helps keep them busy for a while. You may need to stand guard the next time you feed your Duncan too.
  8. FTS 7/23/17 I took this about 10 minutes after feeding everything, so some of the corals and the nem still look a little closed up. Unfortunatey I was forced to re-home my YCG a few weeks ago over some LPS nipping. Other than that, everything is doing well. It took the Tailspot a while to settle in and start eating, but now I can't keep him away from food. The new Fire Shrimp is also a pig. I have been doing weekly 5g water changes but I am going to push that back to 5g once every two weeks and see of the corals respond. I think that may benefit them. I am still running skimmer-less. It may be a coincidence, but I have seen so much more life in this tank that previous ones, and I am putting that down to not using my skimmer and not having a wrasse or other predatory fish that would eat them all. There are pods, snails and other inverts EVERYWHERE!
  9. Had a little more credit at the fish store than I thought, so I picked up this guy for $0!
  10. I removed my skimmer after the first month from my Nuvo 20g. All set ups are different and mine was relatively new at the time, but the Nuvo is better off now after removing it. I think I just hit the 5 month mark and I haven't seen any ill-effects from not running a skimmer, but plenty of positives.
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