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  1. Here is a picture of one of the babies.
  2. So I saw this little guy scurrying around at the front of the tank today after adding some food. Looks like a baby nassarius to me. I have two adults in the tank currently. Never seen this before though:
  3. Same here! He was looking pretty rough for a few days after his incident but he is back to normal now.
  4. While checking out the tank after work today and not being able to find my YCG, I became worried that I had experienced my first fatality in the tank. After looking around for a few minutes, I checked my inTank media basket: Alive and well. Phew!
  5. This tank looks great! I was torn between the Fusion 20 and 30l when I had to buy a new tank. You are making me regret my decision!
  6. How old is your tank? Stability is key with these guys and you can have parameters swinging without much indication from your hardier fish and corals. Anemones can be very sensitive when they want to be. It does look like it isn't doing great. Keep a close eye on it and if it continues to deteriorate, pull it from the tank.
  7. 1.026 is fine.
  8. Added a couple of new frags. A pink Candy Cane/Trumpey and a new single head of hammer.
  9. For sure. I actually bought a 4-5 headed candy cane frag yesterday and it looked similar to that if not worse by the time I got it home lol. They rebound quickly.
  10. They're pretty tough. I wouldn't be surprised if they rebound like nothing happened. I would give them time and maybe reduce the flow around them a touch.
  11. FTS 5/5/17: I have added some pulsing Xenia, a lobo and a few other small frags. Everything has been going well over all. One small mention, and that is the removal of my Skunk Cleaner Shrimp. I have been reefing for 10 years now and wouldn't have believed it unless I had seen it with my own eyes, but I had a Ducan coral eating SCS. The Duncan hadn't been fully expanding for about a week when three nights ago I caught the Cleaner Shrimp pulling chicks off of it until it would fully close up. He would give it a break, let it open up again and then get right back to it. He was a well fed shrimp so I don't think that lack of food was an issue. Maybe boredom? Anyway, he is gone and the Duncan is returning to its former glory. Other than that, I changed my return pump from a Cobalt MJ900 to an MJ600. Just wanted to reduce the flow coming from the return nozzles a little. The skimmer is still offline and algae has not been an issue. Refugium must be doing it's job! Nitrate and Phosphate are still below detectable levels, but the chaeto is no longer starving out.
  12. Seachem Prime has been linked to causing false positive readings in API (and other) ammonia test kits. Something to consider. There is plenty of info about it available through google.
  13. I keep mine on an opposite schedule from the tank lights. Tank lights go off, fuge light turns on and so on.
  14. Looks great!
  15. I am also using a JBJ nano glo. It has been great so far and fits perfectly for the Fusion 20g.