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  1. Refugium sump, BM doser

    Thanks, just trying to find out the age if the unit.
  2. Refugium sump, BM doser

    How long have you had the doser?
  3. waste ratio with booster pump

    I purchased from Spectrapure and you need to trim it to get to the correct ratio. I also purchased one from Bulk Reef Supply which needs to be trimmed as well. Make sure you order the correct one for your RODI system GPD rating.
  4. waste ratio with booster pump

    Thanks for the help but that wasn't what I was asking. I was asking about setting the waste ratio with the DI cartridge installed or not. I will search for answers. I really wish the moderators would sticky your information so you wouldn't have to answer the same questions all the time, I appreciate it.
  5. waste ratio with booster pump

    One more question. The Spectrapure directions say to: 13. If there are DI cartridges installed in this system, remove them and screw the empty housings back on. Don’t run flush water through the DI resin. 14. Turn on the system water supply. 15. If you are replacing your current membrane with a different size membrane, you will need to remove your old flow restrictor and replace it with the new one. Then, follow the adjustment procedure for the new flow restrictor as shown on pages 9-10. Do I do this without the DI cartridge in?
  6. waste ratio with booster pump

    Thank you sir, that's what I thought just wanted to double check.
  7. waste ratio with booster pump

    I'm replacing my RO membrane as it's running at 92% rejection rate. I also purchased a new flow restrictor to set at 4:1 ratio. My question is do I measure the waste and product rate with my booster pump running? I did not change the previous restrictor when I added the booster pump. Thanks
  8. Zoa pox

    Was it from the pharmacy and what ratio did you mix at with tank water? Thanks
  9. Natural Sun setting

    That was the issue, it was set to 16%. Thank you, Sir
  10. I have a question about using natural sun setting. I know it gives a nice smooth bell curve and is based on midday settings. My channels are all nicely uniformed in the shape of a bell with the exception of the white channel. Can you let me know if this is normal or if I have an incorrect setting. See image. Thanks
  11. CNCreef Asis Pro 824 LED/T5HO Evil Cluster Hybrid

    Thanks, I will order and start another fixture.
  12. CNCreef Asis Pro 824 LED/T5HO Evil Cluster Hybrid

    Looks really nice. Which Vero18 are you using? BXRC-40G4000-F-23? Thanks
  13. Sold

    PM sent
  14. hair or wire algae ?

    Thanks, for the response. I did start peroxide dosing a few days ago but not seeing a change. I will give it some time. I may pull the main rock and dose locally. I do have concerns about my clam as it's on the same rock.