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    20g lighting help

    I just recently upgraded my 20 gallon high tank (same dims as yours) from 2x65 watt pc 50/50 lights to a 150 Watt MH Sunpod. I couldn't be happier. I like the fact that I'm not limited to what I can put in my tank.
  2. acast77

    Sand replacement

    Got a question. When I first started my tank, I was unsure on what kind of sand to use. I bought a bag of that substrate. It's real fine stuff. Later a buddy and I went in half of a bag of live sand. I put the live sand on top of the substrate and that's when I started cycling my tank. A few months later to present day, I bought a koralia 3 and found out it's too much for my tank. The koralia stirred up my entire sand bed pretty much to where the substrate is now on top. Any kind of movement will kick up that substrate and cloud my tank for about an hour. I'm considering scooping out my existing sand bad and replacing it with just regular live sand, heavier stuff. Would I have to pull everything out and let the tank cycle again, or would I be okay with leaving everything in there and just scoop out and immediately replace?
  3. acast77


    I don't have an overflow at the moment. Just my penguin filter that I changed into a fuge. I will be getting a skimmer soon. Thanks for all the advice. My own RO/DI until would be awesome, but something I'd have to budget for.
  4. acast77


    I just feed flake food, not much. I have a NEM and feed it frozen shrimp, but I do thaw it out before I do. The clown pics up any frozen shrimp that gets away from the NEM. I will be looking into a new bulb. I also have a phoenix 14k bulb right now.
  5. acast77


    My params are fine, except I don't have a phosphate tester. I do not have a skimmer either, but am working on it. As far as water changes go, I do them religiously on the weekends, haven't missed one. Since I only have 1 clown and 1 chromis, I don't feed much at all. So replacing the bulb will work, you think? I really can't tell that it's losing PAR at all or anything, but then again, I'm no expert. This past weekend, I did pull some of the rock out and scrubbed it off with a toothbrush. The snails I have spend more time on the glass than anything, and my glass looks fine.
  6. acast77


    How many hermits? I have a 20 gallon high.
  7. acast77


    Oh okay. Still trying to learn the acronyms and lingo. I have 3 snails, many brittle stars and a peppermint shrimp.
  8. acast77


    What is CUC? I was thinking it was the water. I do not have a TDS meter, but am confident that my LFS is pretty up to date with filter changes and what not. Maybe it's my bulb. I bought the light from another reef keeper and he told me the bulb was only 2 months old. Who knows, he could of just said that to make the sell faster. The biowheel that was on it was from the same filter I used when my tank was a fresh water one. I took the biowheel about 5 days ago, so maybe I should just be patient. One thing I don't really have with this hobby, but I know it's the "Golden Rule"
  9. acast77


    My tank is about 3 months old now. The GHA and brown algae are starting to take off and boy am I getting angry. I can't figure out what the source is. I took out my biowheel filter thinking the biowheel is holding nitrates/phosphates. Turned the old filter into a hang on fuge. I heard RO water from a stand is a no no. I did this for the first 2 months. I now get my RO/DI from the LFS. I'm still having a problem. Im using a150watt MH on the tank, running about 8 hours a day then, moonlights after that. I know lights is one of the main sources and was wondering if the moonlights are contributing to my problem? Any suggestions?
  10. acast77

    Lighting Survey

    I got a Sunpod 150watt MH HQI with 12 moon lights (6 blue, 6 white) and could not be happier. I upgraded from a 2x65watt 50/50 PC Coralife. This is on a 20 gallon high mixed reef tank.