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  1. oh i'm just ####### the world off and speaking my mind...it's coo though... Well, no ban for now I guess. Better go on a happy spree for a while.
  2. jz's 12" Cowrie Kingdom

    Peace Out N-R! I'll be back! :haha: :haha:
  3. lol I expect to be perma-banned shortly! enjoy the contest reefers! i'll be back.
  4. Stupid Thread In Mak*****t L***ge

    Tweenie power, eh?
  5. easy

    Says the douche with reindeer antlers on his dog.
  6. RIP 10/20/2009-12/03/2009

    Unfortunate, cool fish.
  7. What i woke up to this morning

    no doubt about it pretty icy dude myself sry to hijack
  8. What i woke up to this morning

    You win, or lose. Sorry to hear that man, buy a new frag.
  9. easy

    lol, no more tweenie bopping for me!
  10. What i woke up to this morning

    If it makes you feel any better I lost 3 eyes of my emerald mummy eye chalice to a lobo at some point today...
  11. I've used the Bak-Pak in the past and currently run a RKL on both of my tanks and those are great deals!