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  1. Chris George

    Chris George's Silverstrand Reef

    I'll get an update up this weekend hopefully. I've been crazy busy at work and haven't had time to post updates. My dosing pump arrived a couple weeks ago and I haven't had the chance to install. Thanks!
  2. Chris George

    Chris George's Silverstrand Reef

    Thank you so much! I think you'll like that you went with the extra 2" in height. While I love the look of a super-shallow tank, it doesn't leave much for rock structure. 14" is perfect. Make sure you check out Urbanek's tank when it comes to clean equipment setup. My dosing pump just came in the mail this week, so I'll have more equipment on the tank soon.
  3. Chris George

    Orange Monti Cap Bleaching

    I had some necrosis on my orange Monti Cap. I never knew exactly what caused my problem, but I did log the process in my thread. I just fragged mine by breaking with my fingers, but bone cutters would work great. It's really hard to frag a cap incorrectly. Just make sure you have healthy tissue on the piece you intend to keep. If there is any dead tissue on your frag, it will still die. http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...t&p=3675331
  4. Chris George

    Chris George's Silverstrand Reef

    Thanks for all the suggestions! I'll post an update in a couple of weeks or if I find more of them.
  5. Chris George

    Chris George's Silverstrand Reef

    Thanks for the advice. I will be on top of the dips. I think I'd rather to the FWE than freshwater though. I found this: http://www.practicalcoralfarming.com/zoonudis.html Seems very successful, and no stress/harm to the zoas. Anyone on here tried it?
  6. Chris George

    Chris George's Silverstrand Reef

    I'm not sure about Coral RX, but I was just reading about how Flatworm Exit kills them easy. It does not however take out the eggs. Seems nothing really does. No doubt. Hate that I got this. I'm going to start using Flatworm Exit on all my dips. Yup, I'm on the lookout for the eggs. I went over the two frags that I know this nudi was munching on and I didn't discover any. Luckily, nearly all of my zoas are still on the frag plugs. I'll just be prepared to do multiple dips over the next several weeks.
  7. Chris George

    Chris George's Silverstrand Reef

    Over the last few weeks, one of my zoanthid frags from Mr. Coral has melted away to a large extent. A few days ago, a nearby frag started doing the same thing. All 4 polyps on this second frag were all closed up, but I saw two tentacles still sticking straight up where a skirt would be. I smelled a rat, or in this case, a nudi. I pulled the frag out and there he was. Little bastard.
  8. Chris George

    AI Sol?

    I have my single AI Sol on a 28x28x12 tank. The fixture is about 12" above the surface and the coverage is surprisingly good. You'll be absolutely fine with a 20x20. I'm leaving all of my corals in the middle 24x24" square of my tank.
  9. Chris George

    The Inspiration (now VEGA powered)

    Love the clam. I need a clam.
  10. Chris George

    Woogie's 20L Juggy Reef

    Nice setup! I wish I'd have gone over-sized with my stand like you did. Having the extra space underneath would have been such a benefit.
  11. Chris George

    Chris George's Silverstrand Reef

    Awesome. I rented an apartment in the Shores when I was a young lad. I'd be happy to frag swap with ya when you come out to visit your parents. Give my tank another year or so to mature.
  12. Chris George

    Chris George's Silverstrand Reef

    Haha! Pepe's will rot your intestines. Nice to see someone familiar with my neck of the woods. You from the Strand?
  13. Chris George

    Chris George's Silverstrand Reef

    Yes, I'm thinking equipment panels are going to seriously take over in future designs on this forum. My next tank is going to have an over-sized stand and an equipment panel designed into it from the beginning, with a hinge on one side. It's a fantastic idea. Thanks again for the inspiration!
  14. Chris George

    Suitable snail for 3 gallon?

    Dwarf Ceriths are good algae eaters but don't require a lot to live. My larger snails have all started dropping off since I have almost no algae in the tank, but those dwarf ceriths are up on the glass cleaning every day. Getting back to the fact you aren't sure why you're getting algae. Have you tested the water you're using for top-off and for water changes? I'm going to say that the vast majority of algae outbreaks can be traced back to the source water.
  15. Chris George

    Viewpoints - A Photographic Journal of my Reef Tank

    I'm not completely finished, but I did get my equipment panel up today. Thanks for the great inspiration Urbanek! http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...t&p=3757978