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  1. When to add Chemipure and purigen?

    ^^ Did that when I did little 0.5 - 1.0 gal. water changes for my pico tank when it was up 'n running. I don't think it would be as effective for a larger water change though. It was pretty sweet though for smaller water changes. No heater necessary.
  2. Glass Cages Experiement

    Best of luck! I've read some scary reviews about them... but then, the same thing could be said with most things in life.
  3. Tank Stands

    +1 to that. I can't DIY to save my life so I'm enlisting the help of a local reef club member. That way, I can get my sump to fit, make it the height that I want it, and it'll be way nicer than anything you can buy an store without paying an arm and a leg for it. If you can DIY - you can probably get all the materials you need at your local lumber yard/hardware store for $75 or so.
  4. apgaug's 40 breeder build

    *W00T!* ...another 40B thread! Lookin' forward to your build!
  5. Johnny's 58 Gallon

    MOAR PICS!!!!!
  6. Bubble algae in new tank?

    Judging from the photo he attached, I'm 99.98% positive that it's bubble algae. It could have hitch hiked in on that one piece of rock that was placed in the tank... If it were me, I'd yank the rock...
  7. Bubble algae in new tank?

    If it's isolated to just one rock right now, don't risk it. Remove the rock, remove the bubbles, scrub the area, rinse in RO/DI water and then place back in the tank. You do not want that stuff to overrun your brand new reef.
  8. Too many sps? Too much coral?

    I ain't even gonna hate... that looks sweet! It'll look even more stellar once it all grows out! You'll have a forest of SPS colonies! EEK!!
  9. My 20 gallon slice of the Oh-chin

    Lookin' pretty good!!
  10. Lee's 40 Gallon Breeder (Retiring)

    Lookin' forward to seeing updated pics of your new frags!! My wife & I signed our lease agreement today for our new place which means one step closer to moving... and one step closer to finally gettin' some water in my tank. Still got a few more pieces of equipment to purchase + the usual plumbing accessories.
  11. CONSTANTNE's 40 Breeder SPS Tank

  12. Ballz' Reef

    SWEET!!! Lookin' forward to seein' some new pics!
  13. Ballz' Reef

    Work has been brutal. Bleh. But the weekend is here! *w00t!*
  14. Ballz' Reef

    It's been over a week since I checked out your thread. I had to dig back a few pages... heh heh.
  15. Ballz' Reef

    Tank is lookin' good!