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  1. Fulham also makes a line of 70W mh ballasts... called "highhorse" I believe? Aaron
  2. isn't that 270 degrees, not 180?
  3. thanks Aaron
  4. What is the best internet site to buy 70W MH bulbs from (DE)? Anybody have suggestions? All bulb temperatures and brands are considered. Aaron
  5. Your best bet for the dimensions of this tank are a 150 or 175 W metal halide, because of the extra depth of the tank. However, the power compacts will still be sufficient to keep all softies and a lot of LPS, i'm sure. For the best growth and for SPS's, definately get the halide. It can be set up (if your layout permits) for a little more than the compacts. Aaron
  6. bamman, would the 175 watt reach the edges well enough? I know people say every 2 feet so I was following that. I figured since the 70W are less, 2 for 3 feet would be fine. Thanks Aaron
  7. just as the subject says. I am wondering if this would be effective enough to spend on it. I just cant bear to use dual 175's Aaron
  8. i have one, theyre just not strong enough, don't bother. Aaron
  9. looks pretty good, I like the orange colors Aaron
  10. wow I couldnt even tell they were different pieces What are your stocking plans for this tank? Aaron
  11. do those holes connect to make little caves? Or are they all seperate? Aaron
  12. No, the closest thing is a 15... same height and width but 6 more inches in length. 24 x 12 x 12
  13. ahem... he lives in Italy so its not truly a European Style, it is the local style Aaron
  14. Where in Michigan are you guys from? and where do you do your shopping for your nano tanks? I am in West Bloomfield and I am looking for good local information! Thanks, Aaron
  15. where in Michigan do you live? I will take that tank off your hands Aaron